Kia ora! Welcome to our Expedition Earth week on New Zealand! We started off by stamping our passports!


  • Where New Zealand is on the world map & located Wellington
  • Learned a New Zealand song
  • How to say “Hello” in Maori! Kia ora!
  • Learned about the New Zealand Flag and colored our worksheet
  • Prayed for the New Zealand people
  • About children in New Zealand
  • Read Living World Encyclopedia on Islands
  • Learned more about New Zealand from National Geographic Kids
  • Completed a New Zealand lap book activity
  • Completed and classified animals of New Zealand
  • Created a New Zealand whizzer craft
  • Learned new Geography vocab.
  • Read the Usborne Encyclopedia of World Geography on New Zealand and Papua New Guinea
  • Learned major landmarks and other fun facts about New Zealand

We start off each week by reviewing all of the countries learned so far. Everyone gets a turn at the map, and I ask random questions like how do you say hello in that language, what language do they speak, what is the capital city, etc.


Here is my whiteboard for the week:


We worked on our maps and flags notebook pages:


I had to take a close up of our mini book this week, take a look at my daughter’s favorite thing about New Zealand…if you can’t read it she wrote “Miss Erica the teacher!”


We made a fun New Zealand whizzer craft. It didn’t really make the whizzing sound, but it was still fun.


We learned about 6 fun animals from New Zealand, man they have some big bugs there!


I think the fact that we’re nearing the end of the year is starting to effect my kids a little…


Since there were only 2 countries in our Oceania section, we did our review worksheet.


We had some fun surfing around learning more about New Zealand from National Geographic Kids



  1. Looks like you had lots of fun 🙂 We used to live in New Zealand. The Maori language (the wh is pronounced "f") and culture is very interresting. To see some interresting photos etc you can go and look at: husband used to work with the kiwi breeding project at a place called Willowbank. watch a youtube video of Maori singing and a village tour you can look here you watch to the end you will see tuatara, kiwi, kea, New Zealand pigeon, blue duck (this is on the $10 note), kune kune pig,

  2. Ha that picture of them in front of the animals is too cute! I bet your kids have learned so much doing expedition earth with all those hands on activities. They will probably never forget some of the things they have learned this year. Your programs are amazing!I can't wait to see what you do next!


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