• Squirt Guns
  • Water
  • Plastic Cups




  1. Fill squirt guns with water
  2. Stack plastic cups in a tower on a stable surface
  3. Take turns shooting down the cups!



If you’re wondering why Turbo is wearing galoshes, it’s because we happen to live near rattle snakes, so it’s just a precaution we get to take whenever we hang out in our yard. Good times…


Hope you are enjoying your summer fun!

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  1. Love the idea of getting wet and having fun, but we live in a state where hunting is very popular and so are guns. I firmly don’t allow my children or grandchildren to play with any kind of gun, including squirt guns. I’m sure there are many people who don’t allow their children to play with them for their own reasons, so let me offer some fun options instead that we have used through the years:
    1. Empty dish soap bottles with their lids make really fun water squirters, just rinse out and fill with clean water.
    2. Individual sized water bottles with small holes poked in the lids work well too. Sometimes we’ll poke more than one hole to see the difference in how well they squirt.
    3. 2 liter soda bottles, rinsed out and filled with clean water. Some dish soap lids will fit the bottles instead of lids work really well for squiters. If the soap lids don’t fit, I’ll poke small holes with really small nails or needles that have been heated. Hold the nail or needle with a pair of pliers while heating to puncture the hole.
    4. Squirt bottles you can purchase at stores like Wal Mart work well to squirt at targets. You can usually twist the nozzle to make either a stream or mist. We also add food coloring to the water in the winter to color snow! Really fun to add clothes to snowmen with them.


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