I get a ton of questions on our school room, and so I thought I would do an update on our Ikea setup.


So to answer your questions…

  • YES, we still love our desks!
  • YES, they’re still white! (They clean very easily with some water, Windex, or for certain marker spots I used Clorox Cleaner)
  • YES, my kids have survived the swivel chairs!

I also get a LOT of questions on how our desks are set up so I thought I’d show you more detailed pictures of the setup. I moved the drawers out to the ends this year so there was room for the chairs to push all the way in. In order to do that, I had to get a piece of board to help make the desk tops more steady.

I found a piece of 4×8 peg board at my local home depot ($8) and had the nice man there cut it in half for me. (I’ll show you what I did with the rest of it later ;o)

I put the board on top of the drawer units to help stabilize the desk tops. I think it would work better if I’d had one that was 5’x’ 5’ but you work with what you have.

EDITED: To prevent slipping, I have since purchased a set of 4 flat metal brackets. I used them to screw the two desktops together so they don’t move apart. I also added a rubber rug mat (the kind to keep small area rugs from sliding around) in between the peg board and the desktops. Works like a charm!


My school room is about 11′ x 14′, the total size of the desk is about 5′x5′.

What are the specifics?

Here’s a close-up of the drawers and chairs for you. I turned them all in a pin-wheel pattern so that one set of drawers is facing each student. I’m strongly considering getting a glass top cut for this to protect all my whiteness, but that’ll have to come later as budget allows. I am also thinking of securing the desk tops to the drawer units with screws just to prevent slipping.

EDITED: I also added a rubber rug mat (the kind to keep small area rugs from sliding around) in between the peg board and the desktops. Works like a charm!


Here is the completed unit, the openings are now wide enough for the chair to slide all the way in.


And here it is completely put together:



      1. But I wouldn’t be able to use the peg board, correct? As it wouldn’t reach to the table legs. Do you feel the peg board is important – have you found it beneficial? I am heading to IKEA tomorrow (first time!) and want to be sure I get the correct stuff. Also, the swivel chairs will be used on hardwood floors. I don’t know what kind of floor you have, but should I be concerned about scratching?
        Thanks so much!

        1. Oh correct, if you’re using table legs you don’t need the peg board. I just used it because the middle of my desks were sagging a bit. If you have table legs on the ends you should be fine without the pegboard. I have hardwood flooring as well and they’re fine on it, no scratches so far.

  1. Did you buy your ikea items online/have them shipped to you or do you have an ikea store near by? Trying to order items online is insanely stupid and not productive at all. And I can’t travel 3 hours one way to pick items up T_T I wish there was a store more near us.

    Cheyenne Wilkerson

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