Hi everyone, I just wanted to put up a quick post to let you all know that there’s still time to get in on the 30% off discount for The Well Planned Day planners from Home Educating Family Association!

They offer teacher planners, student planners, an online planner, and a great family magazine!  

I know many of you use and love these beautifully done planners, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, do it soon! The sale ends this Saturday, September 7, 2013!

Click the image below to order your planner now!

(This post contains affiliate links.)

Happy homeschool planning, I hope you are having a great year!


  1. I had never heard of this Well Planned Day Planner (I don’t live in the US) but only *just* read this on my Facebook newsfeed from a trusted friend, who is in the US:

    >>Fellow homeschoolers, please watch out for My Well Planned Day (Hedua) A year ago they took the money of many and promised an amazing online planning site that they have been promising in the works since 2009. In 2010 they called for beta testers to test the following Spring. Friends were chosen to beta test, but they were never followed up with. In 2011 the company said it would be released that summer. I did not get a paper planner, waiting for the release of the electronic planner. It was not released. In 2012 they took orders and money, including mine, and promised a release THAT August. They released a program in alpha mode, calling it beta, and said it would be fully functional in a month. I patiently waited that month, and it was still in alpha mode. I emailed asking for help with the calendar and lesson planning features, since I needed to get my school year up and running. They told be to be patient. Two weeks later I emailed again asking for help, and asked on their FB page. They than kicked me out of the program so that I could no longer log in to use the alpha “beta” version, which really was unusable anyway. They told me since we were past the thirty day window, I did not qualify for a refund. Now they promised those of us who purchased it last year, and this year, that we would get a free year membership and the software would be fully functional this August. I asked if this applied to those of us who paid but could no longer log in, they told me to email support. Now August is gone, and after people having paid them for one year, some people paid for TWO, there is still no working program. People were posting on their site concerned about their lost money and needing to buy alternative planners. ALL THE NEGATIVE POSTS ARE BEING DELETED from their site, so new buyers will not be aware of the problems and the issues that have been going on for FOUR years. I have been completely blocked from their site for posting this truth I have posted here. PLEASE do not give this company your hard earned money. I don’t want anyone else to lose what we have lost.<<

    1. This is not entirely true. Yes, last year you could purchase the online planner at a slightly reduced cost in beta version. It was not a two year purchase. it was one with option to renew at same reduced price for the second year. Yes, there were problems with it since it was still in beta form. I was one that purchased, and it did not function properly for me. Customer service did not “kick people out.” I asked for my money back about 5 months or so I (well after 30 day window) and they gave it to me no questions asked. I know people have had no problems and love the electronic planner. I purchased the paper planner for this year, and I love it. Be careful not to post negative reviews that are not your own personal experience. Because in this case the review is grossly exaggerated.

      1. Alsotheycareful to assume that others had your experience. Some people did buy two years, and were not given a refund after they asked for it. Some WERE kicked off of the site for complaining…read their message on their fb page this morning, where theystate if you complain, you will banned. I just can’t believe they are still allowing people to purchase it. I have tried using it, but gave up after repeatedly losing all the info I put in it.

  2. I purchased it last year in beta version, and it was not beta according to some computer programmers I know. It was not functional at all. You could enter students and that was it… you could enter nothing else. Over the year nothing continued to work. They hired new programmers and the calendar started working, but nothing worked like they said it would.

    You could not pay for two years at once but it is true that some people paid last year AND this year, which equals two years. They just deleted a post in their site that had 141 negative experiences on it. They are deleting the bad reviews as fast as they can.

    1. To clarify, the negative reviews, experiences they are deleting were on their Facebook page “My Wellplanned Day” They are also blocking customers from their page who mention anything negative about their experience with the company.

    2. I am one of the ones they kicked out and did not get a refund, and all I did was ask what I was doing wrong in order to get some features to work. Google. You will find many others who were kicked off and not refunded. Check the Well Trained Mind website. Check the “Well Planned Day Ladies” page on FB. If you got a refund, good for you. Glad your experience was better, but it is not the norm.

  3. I have bought and used with delight the printed planner. It is printed on quality paper and well bound. The articles (each month has a new one) were well written and encouraging. I loved the layout and really enjoyed using it.

    I don’t know a thing about the electronic planner.


  4. I am a first year Homeschooler and this planner was recommended by many veteran homeschooler mothers. I LOVE it! I use it every day for not just school! I use the paper one so I can’t comment on the online one.


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