Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing Turbo’s 4th grade daily schedule with you. If you’ve missed my previous posts, you can see the ‘Daily Homeschool Schedule’ series here.


Turbo is currently 9 years old, and he’s in the 4th grade. He’s got a bit heavier load this year, but so far he’s doing well with it.

Here is our basic 4th Grade Schedule:

  • 8:30am – Breakfast / Family Devotions
  • 9:00am – Daily Learning Notebook 
  • 9:15am – Bible
  • 9:30am – Math
  • 10:30am – English
  • 11:00am – Handwriting
  • 11:20am – Reading
  • 11:30am – Spelling
  • 11:45am – Vocabulary
  • 12:00 – Lunch/PE
  • 1:00pm – History
  • 1:30pm – Science
  • 2:00pm – Typing/Music/Art/Piano (1x per week)
  • 2:30pm – Literature


Download a copy:

We are currently doing Bible, History, Science, and Literature as a group which makes it a bit easier on me. Eventually I will have to split that up once the Teeny Tot gets a bit older, but for now this schedule is working for us.

Here is our 4th grade curriculum for the year:


Have a scheduling tip to share? Make sure to leave a comment below!


  1. Erica,

    I plan to be more proactive about literature this year. I have a rising 4th grade and a younger one reading at that level. While we have been using the ABEKA readers, I had planned to use your literature units for our “reading” (instead of ABEKA) and literature. However, I see you use both. Do you mind telling me why you decided to use both? I appreciate any advice. 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Looking back at my year, I’d say we used about 90% my books, and about 10% Abeka LOL! Mainly I like to make sure they’re reading on or above grade level, and so I listed the Abeka readers in there as a back up source, but we really didn’t use them much 🙂 And I won’t be using them next year with the exception of my first grader who is learning to read. I do like Abeka readers for the early years until they’re reading well and ready for more fun chapter books!

    1. I don’t agree with that at all. There is so much they don’t know or are still learning. We are always hearing how the scientists found they were wrong about something. There have been serious problems with carbon dating and evolution is just a theory. I know science teachers who are Christians. If someone feels science and the Bible are not in harmony, I feel there is a lack of understanding in one or both subjects.

    2. Actually through our study of both we’ve found that the Bible is quite accurate in it’s discussion of scientific as well as archaeological and geographical finds. Many of the secular science books and theories that we read back when I was in school have been proven wrong, or inconsistent with evidence. They are now finding more and more that the Bible is actually accurate and scientific theory of the past is being consistently dis-proven.

  2. Looks just like ours, but ours is in a wet erase/dry erase format. Our family uses the Love My Schedule system. It’s a magnetic wet erase schedule that I keep on the fridge. That way I don’t have to print out a new schedule when I want to change it. I also have the chore charts so I can check off their chores as they get done. Their website is LoveMySchedule.com if anyone wants to check it out.

  3. I love your website…I’m a new homeschool Mom so I’m still figuring things out. This school year coming up I will have a 1st and 4th grade and I want to do History together, if I want to order A Beka History what grade level do I suggest to fit both of them?

    1. I would probably choose something in the middle like 3rd grade. You don’t want to make it too easy for your 4th grader, so I like to push the younger kids a bit. I wouldn’t expect your 1st grader to do any of the written tests etc. But you can ask them questions verbally and they can certainly listen to the reading and do any projects etc. with your older student 🙂

  4. I was just looking at the wordly wise software, and apparently you can’t buy just one? I’m assuming it requires you to buy licenses for various devices. Did you actually pay for 25? That’s crazy!

    1. I didn’t use the software, I used the workbooks and you can buy those individually. I haven’t used their online version, so I’m not sure. But NO I wouldn’t pay for 25 licenses 😉

  5. This is a call to action for all you home school vetrans…Single Dad here that MUST home school my almost 10 year old twins..4th grade.. i got emergency total and complete custody of them and well..im a trucker so we are extremely mobil..lol ok.. what i NEED is complete advice on what i need (materials) courses, any and everything you can do to help me school my boys.. public school is NOT an option anymore, i wont tolerate it..they spent K thu3rd in private school, but with the mother gone and out of the picture..that is no longer possiable either..they have only me and a big purple Peterbuilt.. please help with all you can.
    Many thanks.. Steven, Hayden and Hunter

    Steven N Prince
    1. Hi Steven,
      It sounds like you need something more mobile, so you might want to look into an online program that wouldn’t require as many books and work on your part. I can’t say I have experience with trucking and homeschooling, but I can say that homeschooling can be as flexible as you want to make it. I also can’t tell you what curriculum to use, that’s something you’ll have to decide on for yourself based on your kids needs. But I do have a video on how to choose curriculum along with several options for 4th grade here on my blog:

      Here are some of my favorite curriculum for 4th grade which should help give you a good start:

      And again, you might look into something that they can do online via laptops or something like that to make it a bit more manageable for you.

    1. Hi Jaci,
      I do have a post on homeschooling on a budget. I tend to buy only for my oldest and then pass down the curriculum. I also buy used whenever I can as well which helps with cost. So typically I just have to get new workbooks/consumables for the younger kiddos and I can re-use the TM’s for each subject. There are a lot of curriculum choices out there to fit your budget and buying used can really save $$.


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