Hi everyone! I had so much fun offering a giveaway for the newly released All About Reading Level 3 curriculum. But now I want to take a few minutes to review it a bit for those of you with questions.


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All About Reading Level 3 is great for teaching not only reading skills, but also phonics, phonograms, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and decoding multi-syllable words. If you’ve already been using All About Reading Levels 1 or 2, you already know that this is a fun hands-on program!

I think Tinker Bell’s favorite thing are the fun activity sheets included in the Student Activity Pack. She actually asks to do these fun sheets all the time! And I figure if a kid is asking to learn it’s a good thing.


What comes with the curriculum?

As I mentioned in my last post, the set comes with a Teacher’s Manual, phonogram cards, sound cards, word cards, two fun readers, and an interactive student workbook to accompany the lesson plans.



Frequently Asked Question:

I’ve had several people ask if they need to order the teacher’s manual and the answer is “YES!” You do need the teacher’s manual, along with the student workbook, reading cards, and student books to work through the program effectively.




As we do each lesson, Tinker Bell gets to do a fun worksheet that practices the skills taught in the lesson itself. Since this is usually in the form of a game, she loves doing them!



What’s the cost?
You can get the whole set for $119.95, or you can purchase the items individually.

However as I mentioned before I HIGHLY recommend getting the Teacher’s Manual as it is really critical to the lessons. It’s NOT one of those curriculum that you can just look at the worksheet and teach off of that.



After our lesson and activity sheet, Tinker Bell gets to the reading portion. She really enjoys these stories. At first I wasn’t sure since they’re in black and white. I’m a color type girl, so I like books with colorful illustrations. But she says that she likes the stories and that’s really what matters.

Once she’s done with her reading assignment, the Teacher’s Manual contains comprehension questions for the reading to help make sure your student is understanding what they’re reading.


As you progress through the lessons, you’ll find your student will begin to read more fluently as well as comprehend what they’ve been reading. And with the phonograms included in the lessons, they can easily begin to sound out new words by breaking them up into syllables, or looking for the special sounds they’ve learned.

The curriculum also covers vocabulary, phonograms, synonyms, antonyms, onomatopoeia, alliteration, similes, idioms, and personification throughout the curriculum.


Not sure what level to start your child on? No worries! All About Learning Press has a placement test to help you figure out where to begin.


Click below for more information on All About Reading Level 3!



  1. I really appreciate your reviews on things! I have homeschooled my dd for pre k and are doing kindergarten curriculum this year. She just turned five a few days ago so I’m officially registering her in Dec or January if possible. Did you use AAR 1 and 2 also?

  2. I have really enjoyed AAR pre-1 but am considering switching to another program. I was really disappointed to find level 3 had a dragon reader. I also find the pictures very misleading because they hide the dragon reader cover. I don’t want to continue with this program just to switch at the end to avoid this reader.

    Heather M
    1. If the dragon is only in one story I would skip the story. If the dragon is on the cover I would use a book cover. Of if you wanted to substitute the whole reader, the phonics reader series “Now I’m Reading Readers” goes nicely with AAR/AAS. They are level for level the same sequence. For a box set of 10 books it costs $15.

  3. I’ve used AAR levels 1 and 2, and my only complaint is that it is so expensive! Perhaps if they published the hardback readers as paperbacks, it would bring the price down some. But nearly $40 for a paperback teacher’s manual??

  4. I have used AAR 1 and 2 with my son and he has done extremely well. I do notice that when he gets to choose his books he just picks up phonics. So halfway through AAR 2- he was able to complete all the lessons in a matter of a week due to just reading. So I have decided to pick up Abeka readers and just let him read for his third year of reading instruction. The Abeka readers have the phonics rule on them, so I will point that out to him. I am starting my K’er son on AAR 1. He doesn’t like the black and white books so I went and purchased Abeka readers, Bob books, and some more leveled readers. He does love the games and magnets, so I pray this works!

  5. Hello Erica,
    I am thinking of using this reading for my son, but I have a question. I did the placement tests and I would be starting him on level 2. Is there anything from level 1 that I would need, like the phonogram cards or do you get a new set with each new level student pack?

    Helenah J
    1. Each level comes with the cards needed for that level, so you don’t have to order cards from other levels unless you think they need to learn the phonograms from earlier levels. But you’d have to order the student pack for the previous levels to get the cards.


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