Dobrey Dyen!

We had so much fun with our Expedition Earth World Geography Curriculum week learning about Russia!

We found Russia on the world map and filled in our mapping worksheet. We review all of the countries and random facts about each one every day just to help us remember! Every one gets their own turn at the map.



Here are some of the things we learned about:

  • Where Russia is on the world map & located Moscow
  • A song in Russian
  • How to Say ― Hello in Russian: привет (Privyet), Good Day добрый день (Dobrey Dyen)
  • How to Say ― Thank You in Russian: Спасибо (Spasibo )
  • How to pray for the Russian people
  • Listen to Tchaikovsky – Nutcracker
  • About children in Russia
  • Studied the Tundra
  • Completed a Russia lapbook activity
  • Completed and classified animals of Russia
  • Learned new Geography terms: Tundra, Plain, Peninsula, Swamp
  • Learned about the North European Plains, Kamchatka Peninsula & Vasyugan Swamp
  • Learned major landmarks and other fun facts about Russia
  • Made a Matryoshka Doll Box


We learned how to spell our names in Russian:

Of course we learned about the Animals of Russia and added them to our Animal Wall:


We worked on our Russia Lapbook component:


We made Matryoshka Doll Boxes and decorated them with stickers, markers and the like:

Instead of going to a Russian restaurant (which we couldn’t find) we ventured out on a field trip to a Russian market nearby!

DSC03028 DSC03031

We toured the isles, pulled wrapped candy from the Teeny Tot’s mouth…


And finally picked out some yummy Russian chocolate bars to take home as a souvenir!

DSC03030 DSC03032


We finished off our week by filling in our passport and putting on our flag sticker for Russia:



Click here if you’d like to follow along with our Expedition Earth Geography Curriculum Journey!

Expedition Earth is a hands on world geography curriculum that covers 31 countries across the world. It is designed primarily for K-5th grade students. Students will learn the continents, oceans, people, cultures, animals, climates, try new foods, crafts and more, all through hands-on activities!



  1. I just purchased the Expedition Earth Geography Curriculum and I am SO excited to get started! We are starting with Russia as a prequel to an Olympic unit. THANK YOU for making these awesome materials available for purchase! Do you have any experience on best (cheapest) methods for printing? I think I’m choosing to print on an as-needed basis, although if I could find an affordable means to printing out the entire thing…I’d love to hear those ideas! Thanks again!

    Jodi W

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