Hi everyone! I have another What’s in the Workbox Wednesday posts for you today. The Teeny Tot is moving full on into my K4 Kindergarten program at this point and doing well.

Here are some things she’s working on that you won’t see in her boxes. We do art as a group and we don’t do it everyday so I don’t usually put that in their work drawers. And we do Bible as a group as well. She even sits with us while we do science and history though I highly doubt she’s paying much attention ;o)


We’ll start in her first workbox. These are the Ikea Vika Alex Drawer units. Her first drawer has her supply caddy which is an Expanding Acrylic Drawer Organizer from the Container Store.

It houses all of her supplies, colored pencils, scissors, erasers, glue, pencils, etc.

Behind that is her Daily Learning Notebook and the Grapevine Traceable Study. (And yes, I will be releasing a 2014-2015 Preschool Daily Learning notebook soon!)



This drawer stays the same since she does these things daily. So it houses her daily calendar to fill in along with the calendar day to put up on our large calendar. It also has her blend ladder practice card and beginning reading book. We do this drawer together and count her calendar. Then she ads the day card to our large calendar and we count again.

We read through the blend ladder together as well. I normally teach vowels first then move onto consonants. Once children have learned their vowels they can start doing beginning blend sounds with each consonant. So for example after learning a,e,i,o,u, they move to letter ‘b’. They can then use the blend cards in the curriculum to learn beginning reading skills. So they’ll say ‘ba, be, bi, bo, bu”. Once they have that down, they can add another consonant to the end to create “bat, bet, bit, bot, but” and so on.

Then we’ll read her book and she’s ready to move on to her other drawers.



Next up she has the missing letters activity where she’ll cut the letter tiles and glue them to the worksheet in the correct spot. Since she’s my last one I haven’t bothered laminating anything this year. Instead I’m letting her cut and paste the activities herself which not only works her fine-motor skills but allows her to work the games more independently as well. As you can see I also put in the glue and scissors needed for this project so she’s not wasting time searching for things.

She also has her K4 Number Writing practice in the drawer along with a pencil. I swap out the materials for this sometimes she uses crayon, marker, pencil, colored pencil, etc. Just to give her experience working with various tools.



She’ll also be working on a K4 maze that comes with my K4 Kindergarten curriculum, and I’ve given her a twist up colored pencil to use with it.

I also have added the Clothes Pin Number Match and some mini clips. I don’t think you can tell from the photo but there are numbers written in Sharpie on each clip. So she will count the dots, then add the appropriate clip to it.



Lastly she has her K4 Letter Hunt worksheet and a do-a-dot marker.

I’ve also put one of the Spielgaben books in there so today she get’s to choose which activity she would like to build. If you haven’t read my Spielgaben review you can check it out for more information on this great product!


And that’s her work for the day.

Yes she finishes all of that in one day.

And yes, I refill her workboxes as soon as schools out so we’re ready to go for the next day!

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