Hi everyone! Okay, so you asked for it, and I’m crazy enough to deliver! Today we’re going to share our daily activities in a vlog format. For those of you who don’t know what a vlog is, it’s basically a video log. So essentially what that means is that I’m going to take my little camera, and film our day to the best of my ability.

Today we have a normal school day, followed by hockey, swimming, and whatever else pops up over the course of our day.

So here we go!

If the video doesn’t play in your browser, click this link to see our daily routine!

I hope you enjoyed that, and like I said, it was my first vlog, but for the most part that’s how we roll! ;o)

After this week we’re on break which means a lot of fun holiday recipes, crafts, gift ideas, and more are heading your way! Yipee!


  1. I have been following you for years, and I truly enjoyed this vlog! I watched it earlier in the day, and it really motivated me at a time when I needed it. We also have 4 kids–Girl, Boy, Girl Girl, almost the exact same grades as yours! I had a question–do you know what size bulletin board you have for your calendar? I want to make sure the one I have is big enough or if I have to buy another one. Thank you!

    Laurie Cassano
  2. Your first video was great! I felt like crying when you stopped for Starbucks…I’m not the only one! I have this thing for Chai Tea Lattes because my days get difficult. They take the place of the coffee deliverance ha-ha! I keep one close by during the homeschooling day.
    Also, the fact that my boys aren’t are not the only ones that have their moments when it comes to school. I usually fuss…I believe I will pull back and see it as maybe just being a rough day for them and be more compassionate. I really like the interaction in your home-school. The children are having fun and I want that for my children, also.
    Thanks for vlogging even though it takes allot of extra work. You have helped me so much with one video. I am looking forward to seeing the rest!

  3. This video is wonderful! I am a Christian as well and a mother of two (3.5 yr old boy and 11 month old girl), so I am just starting out. It is rather overwhelming starting the process, but I am trying to do a lot of research and visit websites like this one to get ideas. I love how organized you are and how you have a room dedicated just for schooling. I am thoroughly impressed by the fact that you home school 4 children AND have this blog! I already know that it will be a great blessing to me and my family!!!

    Abby Carl
  4. Just watched your School day in a vlog. My boys are 5th grade, Kindergarten, and 11 months old. I was curious as to what subjects do you do together as a group?? I’m looking at next year maybe joining some of their subjects to make it a little easier.

    Christi Blake

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