Hi everyone! Okay, so you asked for it, and I’m crazy enough to deliver! Today we’re going to share our daily activities in a vlog format. For those of you who don’t know what a vlog is, it’s basically a video log. So essentially what that means is that I’m going to take my little camera, and film our day to the best of my ability.

Today we have a normal school day, followed by hockey, swimming, and whatever else pops up over the course of our day.

So here we go!

If the video doesn’t play in your browser, click this link to see our daily routine!

I hope you enjoyed that, and like I said, it was my first vlog, but for the most part that’s how we roll! ;o)

After this week we’re on break which means a lot of fun holiday recipes, crafts, gift ideas, and more are heading your way! Yipee!


  1. Thanks for sharing! My laundry room looks like yours, with the same black HE washer/dryer. I keep a laundry basket for each person in the floor (my laundry room is not a walk through, it’s an actual room, so have room for this without blocking walk way). I fold all the laundry as it comes out of the dryer, I hit touch up for about 2 min to get clothes nice and warm and almost wrinkle free, then fold each person’s laundry and place in their basket. When a basket is full, I take to each person’s room and it is their responsibility to put the clothes away in drawers or hang up in closet that day or by next morning. Then the empty basket gets returned to the laundry room. This keeps laundry caught up! I also start a load while boys are eating brft, switch to dryer at lunch and place folded clothes in baskets in evening after dinner. I love going to my laundry room, I have music playing and it is my peaceful place where no one ever bothers me 🙂

    1. Just wondering if you would mind sharing specificially what kind of washer/dryer you have? We are needing to upgrade at some point, since we just have a regular size top load and 5 kids! Do you like yours and would you recommend it? It looks nice!

  2. Thank you so much for this vlog! This is my first year homeschooling and I felt as if I wasn’t doing something right. But, after watching this, I feel better about what I’m doing! It was more inspirational than you know!

    Vanessa Z

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