Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the new COAH Community! I’m having a blast, and I’ve decided that this whole week I’ll be doing fun giveaways and prizes for all of my new chatting friends!


For today’s forum discussion, I thought we could talk all about history and geography! So let’s head over to the COAH Community and talk all about our favorite history curriculum!

We’re currently using the Time Traveler’s Units and loving them! They include fun hands-on activities that make learning about our history a little more interesting and fun for our family.

We also really enjoyed using our Expedition Earth, or Road Trip USA. And since we’re discussing history today, I thought it would be fun to giveaway a copy of both of them!




I’ve also added two new categories, so make sure to check them out!

1. Prayer Requests:

I’d love for this community to help encourage others, and lift each other up! Use this area to post prayer requests, praise reports, and encouraging verses that the Lord has put upon your hearts!

Some things to consider in any discussion replies below:

  • Prayer Requests
  • Praise Reports
  • Encouraging Verses


Buy, sell, or trade curriculum, products, and anything else you think might bless someone else!

  • Sell used curriculum or products: Please do NOT use this as a way to sell products for your own company or business
  • Buy products: If you’re looking for a product to purchase, make a topic using ISO: Product Name in the title so people can see that you are “in search of” something.
  • Trade Products or Giveaway Free You may offer used items for giveaway here as well, or set up a trade between another forum user.

Please note: For security reasons, please do not post private info such as phone numbers and addresses, on the forum. If you are going to conduct a transaction, please do it within the private message area.

To PM someone: Click on their avatar (the little picture to the left of their post) and then select ‘private message’. This will allow you to discuss your item without giving out personal info to the entire forum.

Disclosure: We are not liable for any buy/sell/trade product transactions. Unfortunately due to the atmosphere of this forum, we can not be held responsible for transactions being completed. Please use discretion when using this forum. If you are offering an item for sale or trade, please be responsible and respectful to others.


Enter to win the giveaway:

Follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ll be picking 2 winners from the replies in the history curriculum poll using rafflecopter, so make sure to reply and then click the rafflecopter noting that you’ve replied! You’ll each get to pick whether you want the Expedition Earth, or Road Trip USA curriculum to add to your homeschool curriculum stash!

Details: Winners will be announced on the above rafflecopter on Sunday, March 1, 2015!


See you there!


  1. Exciting! I’m thoroughly enjoying the forum! Thank you for the opportunity to win your Expedition Earth and Road Trip USA curriculums – I’ve had my eyes on them for a while now 🙂

  2. The kids (ages 5,6 &9) enjoy The Story of the World history so much, that I use it as a reward for getting everything on their school work list done for the week!! We are currently doing doing ‘The Middle Ages’ and its perfect for group work. You can do as little, or as much as you want, with TONS of crafts and activities included.
    Also for all of you Canadian homeschoolers, we started a new geography program this year, by Apple press, map books of Canada. My son (grade 4) finished two grades worthso far this year because he enjoyed it so much. It was harder to find something Canadian, but we did and we love it!

  3. We’re planning to start homeschooling next year, and I’m planning to use your Road Trip USA curriculum, as well as incorporate some history about Puerto Rico (since I’m Puerto Rican and want the kids to know about their heritage from my side of the family). My oldest two will be in 1st grade and preschool, so I thought that would be a good way of us easing into homeschooling and still getting some geography/history while still focusing on reading and math.

    I also need to tell you that your blog is a big reason why we’re going to homeschool. My heart turned toward homeschooling a few months ago (and I never in a million years thought I’d consider it), but my husband wasn’t on board (he’s a former teacher and very social). I knew that if it was God’s will for our family, He would change my husband’s heart. Well, he saw me watching one of your YouTube videos one day, and said that if we homeschool like you, then he’s totally on board. He was referring to the way you organize your homeschool, which is very similar to how I would like to do things, so it sounds like he was afraid things would be unstructured. The video helped us have that conversation and cleared up the misunderstanding. So I just wanted to let you know that your blog (on now forum) have been super helpful to us! Keep the videos coming! 🙂

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