Hi Friends! I thought it would be fun to show you some of our stocking stuffer gift ideas for this year! I love getting little fun bits for our stockings, and I hope you’ll enjoy this video.




Watch the 2016 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide here!

Links to a few of the Products mentioned:


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I also have a couple of gift guides up as well if you’re interested you can check those out here:


Here are a few more fun stocking stuffer ideas:


I hope you enjoyed my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide this year! If you have fun gift ideas to share, make sure to leave a comment below!

Happy Holidays!


Disclosure: All of the items in this video were purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post, however some links may be affiliate links. Thank you for helping support us in this way!

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  1. I love all of these ideas! We are doing the normal toothbrush, toothpaste, candy and ornaments for our sons’ stockings. But I am also adding belts, fun socks, small lego bags, bubbles, and a paper back book.
    We also bought gift cards to go to the movies with them.
    I love shopping for the stocking stuffers because you can really personalize them and add suprises instead of what’s expected each year.


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