Wondering what to make for breakfast this morning? Kids don’t want cereal again, but you don’t have much time?

Try Egg in a Hole! It’s super fast, super easy, and only takes eggs, bread, and a little butter! YAY!


Ready, set, go!


  • Bread
  • Round cookie Cutter (Or you can cut out a center hole using a knife.)
  • Eggs
  • Butter


Melt a few tablespoons of butter in a skillet, or electric skillet on medium heat.

Cut a hole out of the center of your bread slices, and set aside.

Place the bread into the skillet, then crack open an egg and carefully pour it into the hole in the bread. Cook until browned on one side, then flip and cook the other. You might need to add a little more butter to the pan when you flip it.

I usually make one per person, and inevitably I end up making more. But they cook so quickly it’s no biggie.


While those are cooking, I also add in the “hole” part of the bread into the pan as well, make sure you get a little melted butter on both sides, and cook both the egg in the hole, and hole until browned on both sides. 

The hole is my kiddos favorite part. Everyone asks for more holes. I don’t think they get that it takes an ‘egg in a hole’ to get the hole. So I ended up making one circle, and then also a half moon to get the whole piece of bread used up, no crust. So now we have egg in a hole, plus suns and moons.



Anyway, this whole process takes about 10 minutes, which is about the time it takes to get out cereal and milk, and it’s a bit more hearty!


Serve with a little O.J. or fruit and enjoy your day!


  1. We have two names for this breakfast….”T-eggos” and “Hole in One”! We also make mini PB & J’s with the cut out bread. A family favorite! All the credit goes to my hubby for “inventing” this new breakfast!

  2. I learned to do this 20 years ago from my husband’s side of the family. We call them “bird in the hole” or “bird in the nest”. Not only is this great at home but is even better while camping. I think it was originally invented as a means to cook more primitively- toasted bread and cooked eggs in one!

  3. This brought back fond memories of my dad making me breakfast before school. He called it “egg in the hole” (another name I learned for it from my cousins husband is “framed eggs”). My dad always used the top of a child’s drinking cup to make the hole in the bread. He left the egg over easy, and it was part of the fun to pop the yolk and have it pour all over the toast. He’d also give me a dollop of fruit preserves to eat with the center piece. (I agree with your kids–the hole was always the best part!)

  4. This is a wonderful breakfast for mornings in need of a special quick and fun treat for the whole family! I’ve cooked this for my family and they always want more. Awesome way to get picky eaters to munch on a healthy breakfast. So easy, and so fun! We don’t have a name for this breakfast blast, but it seems I have so many to choose from:)

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