We start from day one feeding them, bathing them, and loving them. And as our children grow, we begin to teach them how to do things on their own. Then along comes the discussion of their future.

Do you want to give your child the best start in life possible?

Do you want to get more involved in their educational process?

Would you like to become the primary influence in your child’s life?



It was twelve years ago that our lives completely changed. People often ask me if it was hard each time we had a new baby. But really it was when we had our first child that things got crazy. When you go from zero to one child, everything changes. We were used to doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We didn’t have to work around feedings or naptimes. We could go to dinner at 10pm if we wanted to!

Of course, when we had our first child, it was love at first sight. The thought of dropping her off at a daycare seemed inconceivable. So we decided that I would leave my professional career path and become a stay at home mom.

I was a manager in a fast growing Information Technologies company. And boy was it an adjustment coming home from the professional world. I went from a world full of adult interaction, I enjoyed lunch with friends, had a job where I felt appreciated, one where I felt validated. Looking back now, I realize that my job defined me. My work was who I was.

Suddenly I found myself home alone with a baby.

My professional friends moved on, and I found myself slightly out of my comfort zone. Now I entered into in a position where my daily accomplishments included changing diapers, feeding our baby, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and if my husband was lucky, making a homemade meal for dinner.

I loved it…and hated it…all at the same time. Of course I loved my baby, and I loved taking care of her. But I missed conversing with other adults. I missed feeling like I was actually accomplishing something important. Dishes, diapers, laundry, and cooking just weren’t that rewarding of a career for me.

Aside from my missing sense of worth, to say that I was overwhelmed with my new life was an understatement. How could we possibly handle all of this new found responsibility? The thought of raising another person. Worse yet, what if we made mistakes and scarred our children for life?

Over the course of just a few years God blessed us with three more wonderful children. I found value in my new role as a wife and mother. And not long afterwards their futures quickly became a top priority!

How would we make sure they received the best education? How would we prepare our children for their futures?

“Taking charge of your child’s education isn’t just about academics. The real lessons that will influence your child start right there in your own home. This book is a must read for any parent dedicated to giving their child the best future possible!”

I thought a quick glimpse at the table of contents would help give you an idea of all the valuable goodies included in this book.

  • Chapter 1: About Me
  • Chapter 2: The Professionals
  • Chapter 3: Parenting is not a spectator sport
  • Chapter 4: Becoming their primary influence
  • Chapter 5: Education isn’t just about academics
  • Chapter 6: Parenting is a ministry
  • Chapter 7: Parenting is love
  • Chapter 8: Preparing your heart
  • Chapter 9: Priorities, priorities!
  • Chapter 10: teaching responsibility to children
  • Chapter 11: How to do it all
  • Chapter 12: Schedules & structure
  • Chapter 13: Plate spinning 101
  • Chapter 14: Making an educational decision
  • Chapter 15: Taking charge of your child’s education
  • Chapter 16: Taking charge in your homeschool
  • Chapter 17: Getting involved in your child’s education
  • Chapter 18: 10 ways to a good start
  • Chapter 19: Helping your special needs child
  • Chapter 20: Getting help
  • Chapter 21: Why we homeschool

Make no mistake, this is not a pamphlet full of fluff, instead it is full of helpful information, tools, and resources! As you read through this book, you’ll find “taking action” areas at the end of the chapters. I really wanted to include some tangible things that will help give ideas of how you can purposefully enrich your relationship with your child and your family.

Taking Charge of Your Child’s Education is really all about building and maintaining strong relationships within your family unit. As well as preparing, guiding, and encouraging your children throughout their youth and into adulthood.


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  1. My family loves to take walks every night after dinner. There is a pond and playground right by our house and my husband and I enjoy our talks while the kids play. Then we walk back home as a family.

    Ashley W
  2. I find that my son does so much better with his school work if I spend time with him building legos. He is incredibly creative and when that creativity is stimulated it seems he grasps the concepts and lessons in his work so much easier.

  3. We love to go for walks and I cannot wait for the weather to be warm enough, and the snow melted, to go again. We are trying a new setup with schooling to see if it helps us in our current state of winter blues. I’m hoping we can carve out some mommy dates this summer. One kid and I only at at time. But since we need Daddy home to watch the others, and have a car it will have to wait a bit.

  4. We have decided to homeschool beginning next year and one of the biggest reasons is so that we can build stronger relationships with them and find more joy in our family! I would love to win your book to help as we begin our homeschooling journey!

    As for building relationships right now, we like to take our kids out on 1-on-1 dates. Bedtime is also often a good bonding time for us.

    Mandi G
  5. I still have four at home. Right now I am really focusing in on my 11 y.o. daughter. She learns differently than the other kids. She is frustrated a lot of the time. I am really trying to focus on not always correcting her. But, we are also having some deeper discussions about why she feels the way she does and trying to figure out what can help her.

    Denise M

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