Namaste! I hope you have a few minutes today to join us on our Expedition Earth travels through India! We’ve learned a lot about India culture this week, and tried some amazing food as well. We started off by finding India on the map, then we located the capital, as well as the Mediterranean Sea an Dead Sea.


India is the 7th largest country in the world. It also boasts some of the world’s most amazing landmarks as well. The Taj Mahal is located in northern India and is one of the world’s most magnificent buildings. The structure was completed in1643 and is a white marble monument built by the 5th Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, in memory of favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

The world’s largest pilgrimage destination is in India. It is called the Vishnu Temple in the city of Tirupati. Around 30,000 people visit this temple daily, donating about $6 million US dollars everyday.

The most rainfall in the world ever in a month’s time fell at Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. It was in July 1861 and 9,300 mm of rainfall fell in a month.

Here are some more of the things we learned about this week:

  • Completed our Mapping Worksheet
  • Learned the Anilae Anilae song (Wee Sing CD)
  • Prayed for India
  • Learned how to say hello in Hindi
  • Learned about the flag and colored our worksheet
  • Learned about Children in India
  • Made a Lassi
  • Learned about the Taj Mahal
  • Made an inlayed jewel stone craft
  • Completed our India Lapbook component
  • Learned about the Red Fort
  • Played Kabaddi
  • Tried Indian cuisine
  • And as usual, at the end of the week, we stamped our passports!

We colored the flag of India and learned what all of the colors and symbols mean.



We learned some basic information about India as well as it’s population, language, religion, currency, and government.



We made a fun post card to send back to the folks at home Winking smile



We learned some fun facts about India, and added our India mini-book to our world lapbook.



We also learned about some unusual and fun animals that can be found in India.





Of course we stamp our passports to prove that we toured the country!



We made fun inlay jewel mosaics. For this I used self hardening Crayola Clay and plastic jewels.


The Taj Mahal, located in Agra, India, is widely considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is a white marble building built more than 300 years ago by an emperor in memory of his wife. The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653, employing thousands of artisans and craftsmen.


We made Lassi (a sweet drink) I liked this, but the honey was a bit much for me, maybe no honey next time! (And if you notice, I skipped the mint too, I forgot! Oh well, it was still tasty!)


Click here if you’d like to follow along with our Expedition Earth Geography Curriculum Journey!



  1. I have a quick question. When I look at some of your activities and your scheduled day with your kiddos, I wonder how in the world you fit all that in one day. With your Expedition World curriculum for instance, what you guys cover in a week, seems it would take us a month. Do you cover a new country every week? How do you fit in all the other subjects? Thanks!

  2. Hi Erica. I love your Expedition Earth. I wish I had found it before I bought our boxed curriculum. We purchased MFW – Exploring Countries and Cultures. Being the new homeschool Mom, we went for something all ready to go. I love the component about learning how to write hello in the different languages. Is there a site where I can find that and add that to ours? Thanks bunches. 🙂

  3. Expedition Earth is awesome. We got through all of Asia and then took a break. As a supplement, we watched the DVD “Families of India” from the library. It is a movie that goes through a day in the life of 2 children in India (one rural and one urban). We watched the films for the other countries as well. I highly recommend, as my girls got a better feel of what life would really be like for a child of similar ages to them.

  4. Hi!
    I have been doing Expedition Earth with my 2nd grader and Kindergartner, and we love it! One of their favorite parts is learning about the animals, but I was wondering if you use a specific website or other resource to research them a bit? It seems like I am spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find kid-friendly information about most of the animals you have included, and it’s driving me nuts since the kids like the animal part so much!
    Thank you so much again for all you do!

    Sarah K

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