Hi friends! I’ve had a ton of requests for a 2017-2018 Student Lesson Planner and so here it is! This planner is specifically designed for students to help keep track of class schedules, exams, projects, assignments, grades, reading, and activities that you might need!

NOTE: This planner is a download and print type planner, it is not editable via computer at this time, sorry!



The 2017-2018 (8×10 Portrait Layout) Student School Planner is a full sheet planner for those of you who like more room!


What’s included?

This planner includes colorful weekly planner pages for the July 2017 – June 2018 school year. This planner is 8×10 portrait format for easier printing and binding. It includes 172 pages total.

  • Planner runs from July 2017 – June 2018 and is pre-dated
  • Days run Monday-Sunday
  • 2017-2018 year-at-a-glance pages
  • Monthly overview pages
  • Weekly planning pages
  • Weekly Overview pages
  • Class Schedule
  • Contacts
  • Activity tracker
  • Notes pages
  • Reading Logs
  • Assignment logs
  • Project planning pages
  • Annual grade tracking pages
  • Daily grade tracking pages
  • Attendance tracking



NEW!! By popular request, I’ve added in a weekly overview page for each week. Students can keep track of assignments, exams, reading, as well as basic calendar activities!

There are also grade tracking, attendance tracking, and reading logs and a 2017-2018 year-at-a-glance page.



I’ve also included student specific pages such as class schedules, project planners, and assignment and exam tracking pages.




I’ve also included contact pages to keep track of all of your friends as well as an extra curricular activity tracker so you can keep track of where you need to be!



There are also plenty of “to-do” lists and inspiration pages to keep track of things your ideas!




This super fun planner is available right now! And you are more than welcome to print extra copies for all of your children, so you do not need to purchase one planner per person. Yay for sharing!




Suggestions for use:

I suggest printing the planner double-sided on light weight cardstock. I like to take mine to a local office supply store and have it spiral bound. It cost about $4.00 for the spiral, plastic cover, and backing.

Next get some colorful pens, I like Frixion erasable pens, and start planning! The current weeks are already dated along the top of each page. All you have to do is fill in the subjects down the left hand column.


Classroom Use:

If you are a teacher and would like to use this planner for your students, please make sure to purchase the classroom license version of this planner. It allows for printing of multiple copies for several students. Each teacher must purchase one copy per class.


PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently only available as a download. I suggest printing the file double sided, then have it spiral bound at a local copy store. I would suggest printing it on a light weight cardstock for durability and to prevent ink bleeding through the pages.

If your printer doesn’t have double sided printing, you can simply print all of the odd pages, then flip and print the even pages on the back side. Just make sure you’re pages are set up in the right order to print the correct pages on the backsides.


    1. Hi Julia,
      Yes, I have that on my list to-do! I do have my “Arrows” planner that is more masculine, but it doesn’t really have the student planner pages so I’ll try to get one added!

  1. Will you be adding some of the new pages (attendance, grades, etc. to the existing planners? I purchased a student planner a few years back and we love it! Would love to have the extra recordkeeping pages as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi Teri,
      Most of those pages are already in my dated planners however I do not have the assignments, exams, and projects tracking pages in the other planners though I will definitely consider adding them for next year! This one was made specifically for student needs more so than a parent’s homeschool lesson planning needs. Hope that makes sense 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll keep that in mind for the future!

  2. I did not get the weekly planner pages the way it is describe above. 5 large boxes (M-TH) and 2 small one for the weekend and notes, all on one page. That is what I wanted the most.
    I downloaded the 164 pages and I got: name of the month, the week of: a column for subjects on the left and columns for days – Monday to Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday on another page and a column for Notes. Sorry, but that is not what I wanted. Thank you!

    1. Hi Yolande,
      I checked your order, and it looks like you ordered the wrong planner. You purchased the regular lesson planner, not the student planner. If you send me an email I’ll try to get them swapped out for you. Sorry for any confusion!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      The planner is in PDF format, you might want to make sure you’re using Adobe Reader to open the file. Especially if you’re on a MAC, they tend to open things using Safari preview and it won’t show or print properly.


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