Hi everyone! I’ve had so many requests for upper/lowercase A-Z letter mazes! So today I’m sharing these fun printables with you.



They’re great for preschool and kindergarten letter recognition practice. The mazes include both upper and lowercase letters in a fun maze format!

The printable themes match my Letter of the Week and K4/5 Kindergarten curriculum and includes mazes for letters A-Z, with alternate Letter J for Jellybean.



To use, simply print and have students mark with a do-a-dot marker, bingo dabber, stickers, or highlighter! You can also use a page protector and dry erase markers if you’d like them to be reusable!



Click here to download my A-Z Letter Mazes!




For more preschool and kindergarten fun, check out my full curriculum below!




  1. My granddaughter loves these mazes so I hate to comment. However, we have gotten through a few now and several have an extra “designated” letter tossed out among the other letters but not in the path from start to end. Were they meant to be like that? My granddaughter is 4 for you looks over the entire sheet looking for the upper and lower case letter. Therefore not necessarily following the path. She is just now starting to understand the concept of a maze. Off the top of my head I remeber this happening so far with letters “D”, “E” and “G”. Hope I explained this well.

    Diana L Woolls
    1. Hi Diana, it sounds like she may just not understand that it’s a “maze” and she’s just marking the letters. I think at her age that’s totally fine, I would just continue with that because she’s still working on letter recognition. She can use transparent stickers, bingo dabbers, etc. to mark them. When she’s older you can re-print them and have her do them more in the maze format. Hope that makes sense!


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