Hi friends! I get a ton of questions about my large quilting cutting mat, so today I’m showing it to you up close and personal and giving you all of the details on why I love this cutting mat!

Check out my video review of the Big Mat Rotary Cutting Surface!

What is a Big Mat Rotary Cutting Surface?

As a quilter, I need a cutting mat, and I have tried several over the years. But they’ve all been too small for me to really work on. Enter the Big Mat Rotary Cutting Surface! These mats come in various sizes and have clear markings making them incredibly useful! I purchased one that covers almost the entire tabletop, it is 40″ x 72″, and I love it! The large size turns my whole table into a work surface, and it also helps protect my table top as well.

The mat itself is a nice white with clear blue markings. This gives my room a nice light, clean vibe! The material is a bit different than normal self-healing cutting mats. It has 1″ dashed lines, 2″ solid lines, 45-degree diagonal lines, and 1/8″ perimeter markings as well. The mat is made from a heavy-duty cutting surface, and won’t warp or buckle.

The mat also comes with a mat scrapper. After cutting you run the mat scraper over the top and it heals any cuts or marks like magic!

Tip: This mat is a bit different than other mats, and it is recommended to loosen your rotary blade so that it travels easily along the surface. My favorite cutters, the Olfa 45mm rotary trimmers are perfect for this mat!


  1. Such good i formation. Thank you! I am getting my sewing room set up and recently got my Horne tables and am researching cutting mats! I definitely want a 36×60 and possibly another one.😊

    Kori Ireland
  2. Great video, Erica! I have learned so much from you. I have been in the market for a mat, but haven’t been sure which one to get. My work surface is 40 x 48, so I would l need the 36 x 48. Thank you so much for sharing!


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