Happy Thursday friends! It’s time for the Sew With Me Finishing instructions in my Sew With Me Quilt-a-long! In this quilt-a-long, we have made 12 classic and easy quilt blocks, and today I’m going to show you how to put them all together. I have a few fun ideas on how to finish this project, so make sure to have fun with it, and make it unique.

In today’s lesson, you will learn how and why you may want to add sashing and borders to your quilt! I will share a few tips to make this process easier, and some fun sashing options too! 

Ready to get started? 

->> Download the 2021-2022 Sew With Me Finishing PDF Pattern here.

->> Get the 2021-2022 Sew With Me FULL Pattern + Bonus projects here.

Watch the Sew With Me Finishing Options video tutorial here! 

Supplies Used in This Video:

Get all of the 2021-2022 Sew With Me Blocks here! And STAY TUNED next week, for some fun BONUS projects!


  1. Hi Erica! I ordered the PDF for the Sew with Me Finishing Ideas and was able to save it but I also ordered 2 print patterns, Cozy Cabin and Merry Noel (I think was the name of it). How do I get those patterns?

    Katherine Kirby
  2. Hi Erica, just joined your site. Like you I also do knitting ,crochet, and now I’m adventuring in quilting.
    I have a couple of questions for you:
    Do you have a video teaching how to read the patterns/ pdf pattern, etc?
    What do you use for the back of your quilts? Plain white material?
    Where do you buy your colorful fabric?
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Virginia,
      I have YouTube videos showing how to make all of these blocks. The PDF Patterns have written instructions and graphic illustrations so they’re fairly easy to read. I don’t have a video showing how to read the patterns at this time, but they’re pretty self-explainatory.

      I use yardage for the backs of my quilts, the color varies by quilt, whatever I think looks best 🙂 I don’t usually do plain white on the backs because I feel like that’s a bit boring and I like the back to be as pretty as the front! I have also seen people use sheets for their backing because they are less expensive.
      I have a video on where to get fabric here: https://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2021/08/pre-cuts-yardage-and-where-to-buy-fabric-online.html

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