Horses Lapbook

This was one of our first lapbooks, so it wasn’t too exciting. Plus I had a hard time finding Horse information to download!

Most of the printables for this lapbook came from AngelFire.


It is a simple 1 folder lapbook and includes:

  • What Horses Eat
  • Horse Breeds
  • How to measure horses
  • Horse Colors
  • Horse Gaits
  • Horse Markings mini-book
  • Horse Anatomy


More horse lapbook ideas from Homeschool Share

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  1. looks good, great job.

  2. My daughter would love to do this lapbook… as she is horse mad – big grin. good job and thanks for sharing.Helen

  3. Looks great! I think you have something to be excited about. good job!

  4. Hi, this is great! What age child did you do this with? I love hores so would like to have a go at doing this with my daughter. She is 3.5-do you think its suitable for this age? x

  5. FIONA: My 2nd grader did this one, but I'm sure you could find some stuff for a younger child for horses lapbook.

  6. How do i download?

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