Laser Pegs App Review & Giveaway

Hi all! Turbo was super excited to see a Laser Pegs® kit show up at our home the other day. For those of you who don’t know what Laser Pegs® are…like I didn’t…they’re building blocks that light up! Basically they remind me of Lego’s that light up. And, let’s face it, that type of thing is right up Turbo’s alley.

They have a super cool and FREE Laser Pegs® iPad App that allows you to build Laser Pegs® models in 3D, create and share manuals, play games and more. Here are some screen shots from the iPad App.



Once you create your item you can save the manual for it.


Next you can light up your creation and spin it around to see it in all it’s glory in 3D!



Then you can save your creation in the “My Manuals” area of the app for future.



And just because I like video examples, here is one they did on creating projects with the Laser Pegs® iPad App:


Of course they also have the actual tangible product as well! We were sent the Bug Kit 470 for review. Turbo said the instructions were a little difficult to follow at first, but once he got the hang of it he had no problems creating the suggested items that came with his kit. Of course you can always build your own creations as well, only your imagination limits you!



Here is a close up, you can see they resemble lego’s a bit, and are actually Magformer and Lego compatible. The little circle attachment at the end is where the power goes to light up the projects.





Here is one of his creations…um…a Mars Rover?



And here is another one. They have battery packs that light them up, so you can push a button to have solid light, or flashing lights on your competed project. I think this is some kind of bug…a lightening bug perhaps?



I don’t know, I’m just making things up here…you’d have to ask Turbo for the specific details.



It’s actually kind of cool to use the iPad App along with the hard products to inspire new creations. We built some things out of the hard product, then re-created them in the iPad App and visa-versa.

For more information visit the links below:


Want to win a Laser Pegs kit for your family?

The kind people at Laser Pegs are giving away the AIR 8 in 1 kit for one of my readers! Simply fill in the rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. I think the Indy Car looks pretty cool!

  2. I like the LAND 8 Models in 1 kit
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  3. I think the Mythology one looks cool!

  4. I like the Experience: Mythology kit.

  5. Juli vrotney says:

    What a neat way for kids to make fhings. I liked the experience:57 model. Cool g

  6. Sarah Ann Wong says:

    I like the 16 in 1 Mythology kit because you can use it across several different subjects – and it looks so cool!

  7. I have yet to try these. I purchased one for my nephew at Christmas, but my kids haven’t played with one themselves yet – I think they would really like the dragon kit!

  8. We’d love to have the 6 in 1 bot. How neat is that?!

  9. I think our son would LOVE the 16 in 1, a couple of the items the kit makes looks like ships from Star Wars which he enoys watching with his big brother who’s nuts about it. I think it would be something the two of them could finally do together! It’s hard since there are so many years between the two. Only 20!

  10. I think the Land 8 in 1 is pretty cool and my boys would love it! Thanks!

  11. What a great way to get kids thinking in a three dimensional world. Lights camera action! This toy will build confidence and creativity. As mom you can’t ask for anything more. I think it’s great for any age. Love the recordable sound pegs too! My son loves the robot and the indy car. Just thinking about what he could build put a huge smile on his face. What a great find!

  12. My son got some of these for Christmas but we haven’t taken the time to work on them…now we definitely will because he saw all of these cool pictures!

  13. These look awesome! My husband’s first thought when I told him they also worked with Lego’s is he needed them for his upcoming Robotics class he will be teaching in college. I want to do them here with the girls too! Thanks for introducing what looks like such a great new product for our family!

  14. So many cool ideas, I like the race car and the mythology

  15. The race car 🙂

  16. Race car!

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