FREE! 1-20 Do-A-Dot Number Worksheets

Hi everyone! I know a lot of you have been looking for some more fun do-a-dot activities for your preschoolers! And after publishing the A-Z Do-a-Dot worksheets, I had quite a few requests for a numbers version, so here it is!



–> Download the FREE 1-20 Do-a-Dot Worksheets <–


Pairing these worksheets with colorful do-a-dot markers are a fun way to help students learn numbers 1 through 20.

For those of you who don’t know, do what they are, do-a-dot markers are basically like old style bingo dabbers. But now they come in all sorts of fun colors, even glitter and pastels!

I have my students place one dot in each circle to create the shape of the number. Here is the Teeny Tot using them on her Letter Q preschool activities so you can see what I’m talking about.


Alternate uses:

  • Have students place the paper on a magnetic tray, then place one magnet in each circle.
  • Have students put one sticker in each circle. (The tiny star or happy face stickers work best.)
  • Have students color or paint each circle.
  • At the end of the activity, have students count how many circles it took to create each number.

Here’s a sample of how you would use the magnets. Click here to see how we made our own pom-pom magnets. (The tray is from a KidWords Activity kit I found at a used curriculum fair.)



–> Download the FREE 1-20 Do-a-Dot Worksheets <–

I hope you enjoy the 1-20 Do-a-Dot worksheets!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thank You for another great resource!!!!!

  2. Excellent! If you ever have a reason to do this for higher number, please let me know! 1-50 or even 1-100 would be very helpful. Thanks again, Erica!

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    Thank you! Can’t wait to do this with my little one.


  9. Looks like fun!! I am so excited to have a little one again that I can use all of your fun resources with. Thank you for sharing your talents!!

  10. Hi, what do you use for pic 1?Looks like some kind of bubble pen? Is it?Could you tell me the full name of that pen?Thx..

  11. Thanks so much for these great downloadable worksheets. Thank you for such a wonderful website!!

  12. Hello. I’m homeschooling our daughter in Spanish, I need to make the do a dot worksheets because I cannot find any in SPanish, can you point me in the right direction? I do not know how to make them. Thanks!

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