LEGO Education Simple Machines Giveaway

Hi readers! I’m so excited about today’s giveaway!

As many of you know we’ve been absolutely loving the LEGO Education products lately. And my kiddos are super excited that we’ve added them into our curriculum this year.

We’re going to be doing a co-op with the  LEGO Education Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Base Set this year, but I’ll have more to share on that later.

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set and Software for you. This stuff is so cool, I had no idea!


I had no idea until my friends 12 year old showed me how to use it.

And yes, I felt old.

But then I realized how cool this product is!



As I mentioned, we received the LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set, Activity Pack, and Software set. We downloaded the Farris Wheel instructions from their online resources, then built the project using the WeDo 9580 + 9585 sets combined.

Once our project was complete, we installed the LEGO Education WeDo software pack to my computer. That’s when Trevor came to help bail me out.

I tried to figure out the software on my own.

Because I have an aversion to reading instructions.

Then I gave up and Trevor came to the rescue.

Here’s a short video we made on using the software to power your LEGO Education creation…apparently it’s really not all that complicated. So I’m thinking I was just having an “off” day. Yeah.

Click here to watch the video or press the play button below.


And just to show you how cool LEGO Education is, I am giving away one of the Homeschool Simple Machines Pack with Printed Teacher’s guide to get you started! (That’s over a $100 kit people, free for one of you!)



Ready to win?

Fill out the rafflecopter below to enter!

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Disclosure: I received a free kit from the company mentioned for review and giveaway on my blog. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.


  1. Christine M says:

    I love the Simple and Motorized mechanisms base set!

  2. The Wild Animals seems pretty cool!

  3. The simple & motorized base set looks like a great way to get started!!! This looks like soooooo much fun!!

  4. April Reyes says:

    I’m interested in the simple & mototized base set! Looks great!

  5. April Reyes says:

    They all look great though!

  6. Priscilla Staley says:

    I like the simple and motorized mechanisms set!

  7. Shelah McLeod says:

    OK – I can’t help but drool over the Homeschool LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Pack with Robotics Engineering & Curriculum…. you asked…. 🙂

  8. We love the Wild Animal sets!

  9. My boys would love them all, however if I had to choose it would be simple and motorised mechanisms. I think this would be a great way to teach basic physics.

  10. Jennifer P. says:

    So far, I like the simple and motorized mechanisms base set. My children have been to a LEGO party and enjoyed creating with similar sets and software.

  11. My girls would love the wild animals!

  12. Our 4 boys would love the 9580 LEGO® Education WeDo Construction Set. We are just beginning homeschooling this term. Very excited.
    Thanks for your website. I love it!!

  13. I like the Renewable energy add on kit. I would love to get that for my kids.

  14. Beverly King says:

    I love the wild animal sets! So cool!

  15. I like the Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Base Set – I think my son would love figuring out motors with LEGOs.

  16. I think the Adventure Stories one looks really cool! And I know my son would think any of them were awesome. He informed me about a year ago that he would be moving to Denmark when he graduated college and would be working for Lego as an Engineer!

  17. I have been wanting to add this to my kids education, but just cannot afford the set right now. We are studying the 1900’s and the Simple Machine Set would be a great addition to our studies. Thanks for previewing the product. I have seen you mention them previously and have looked into them before, but winning this would be amazing!

  18. I just began homeschooling my two youngest this year and came across the LEGO series and would lo eto try this out. My favorite is the Robotics

  19. I like the simple and motorized machines set!

  20. Why do I NOT like Lego Education. It teaches basic physics concepts to my son while he has fun creating, combining both science and creativity.

  21. Ariana Brutico says:

    Our children have been extremely interested in making anything that flies (i.e., paper airplanes, rocket ships, etc.) and would be thrilled to receive any kit that helped advance their learning in that area. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. For me it would be a toss up between the Build to Express and the Story Starters sets. Both my dc have language issues and anything that would help in that area would be very helpful.

  23. Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Base Set would be perfect for my oldest two.

  24. Lori Harvey says:

    We like the story starters, simple motorized set, and the animal set. Any of them look like great learning resources though.

  25. I have been wanting the simple and motorized machine set for ages!!! I also love the storyteller sets! I habe a pretty long wishlist on lego education!

  26. I had no idea!?! The Simple Machines Set with Teacher Guide sounds very exciting from a homeschooling perspective. And the Wild Animals do look fun! How to choose? My goodness.

  27. Lizzie Ater says:

    My son would probably love the animal set.

  28. I am an engineer turned middle school teacher turned full time homeschooling mom. I love legos and anything that children can use to begin to see how they can solve problems and create solutions out of their creativity and effort. I especially love this when it applies to girls.We would love the Simple Machines Set with Teacher Guide – it seems like it would be at the best level for my two girls and I would love to incorporate it into our schooling.

  29. the animals set sounds great

  30. The simple motorized set looks great!

  31. Mariann Brown says:

    Wild Animal WeDo

  32. I can see any kid getting into building and playing with those kits, and never realizing they’re learning!

  33. My boys would flip out over the Simple Machines Set! All of them look cool but that would be a great starting point! Thanks for the give away!

  34. The Simple Machines set would be the perfect beginning to a wonderful lego education relationship! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Love the way Legos get work their spacial reasoning, logic, creativity, and more.

  36. Love the simple and motorized!

  37. I love the the simple machines and the mechanisms extension pack. My kids would love this.

  38. The wild animals looks awesome!! I think my daughter would love that! And if she didn’t I would! 🙂

  39. I’m so impressed with the Simple Machines set. It would be a perfect addition to our homeschooling plans for this year! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  40. I think my son would absolutely love to learn with the simple and motorized mechanisms set!

  41. Jodie McCaffrey says:

    Since my daughter discovered Legos last year, I’ve been stalking the Simple Machines set. She has a very mechanical brain and I know she would LOVE this set. To win would be awesome!

  42. The simple and motorized mechanisms base set looks like a great place to start. My son would love this!

  43. Simple Machine Set…any of them would be GREAT!

  44. We have been looking into such products as my son loves constructing, designing and building. He has an engineer’s mind. This would be a PERFECT addition to our homeschool.

  45. Lisa Mather says:

    I like the Motorized Mechanisms, though all look really cool!

  46. I love the simple machines! My son would go crazy!!!

  47. YahuahsHomeMaker says:

    I am learning more and more and can see how they benefit children’s imagination. I would like the Story Starters but everything looks cool!

  48. maggie hayek says:

    I like the simple motorized mechanism set.

  49. The simple & motorized mechanism base set looks great.

  50. They all look great, but I would probably go with the Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Base Set. My sons are obsessed with Legos, so this would be great!

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