Math-U-See Giveaway!

Hi everyone! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Math-U-See! And thanks to their awesome staff, they’ve offered a great giveaway for my readers today.


One thing I love about Math-U-See is that they teach to mastery, and that means your student might not learn a certain skill right off the bat. They build on concepts so that the math skills actually make sense for your student.

Students also use the MUS visual manipulatives to help further understand whatever skill they are working at the time. However to my surprise the students do not become depending on the manipulatives to solve problems. They’re simply hands on training tools to use until a concept is mastered.

This is what the Math-U-See looks like in our workboxes. I pull out their worksheet each day and keep the video DVD and our little plastic storage container.




I also have a couple fun organization ideas for all of those blocks for you! For our large set of blocks I purchased the Small Craft Organizer from The Container Store. This worked great until we had to start sharing blocks.


Once we had more than one kiddo needing blocks we decided to divvy them up so they could do math at the same time. I found these moveable divider storage at either Michael’s, JoAnn’s, or Walmart in the bead area. (I don’t remember exactly which one, but they all have them.) It’s a bead organizer with adjustable dividers which make it easy to fit all of the various sized blocks.


Here’s the same thing, just a little different. I’ve purchased three of these now, so they’re each a little different, but all work the same.



Since I know those blocks can be pricey, today thanks to the super cool team at Math-U-See I’m giving away one Math-U-See grab bag full of goodies. The bag will contain:

  • Manipulative Block Set
  • Wooden Block Box
  • Math-U-See T-Shirt

Yes, you read that right, I’m giving away a set of Math-U-See blocks and their cool wooden organizer! (That’s over $65 value for you, FREE!)

Click the rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. I love that my kids enjoy MUS!

  2. I like that they use Manipulatives! They are such a great way to reinforce learning.

  3. My son used something similar to learn math, I would love to have these for my three youngest to help teach them as well!

  4. MUS helped my sister who is severely dyslectic to learn math, so I have a soft spot for it.

  5. I love the DVDs that come with MUS. Mr. Femme explains math to my kids in a way they can understand, which is more than I can say for my math teaching skills. I love that I can let him be the math teacher, and I only need to be teacher’s helper. I’m even better at math after watching the DVD’s!

  6. LOVE MUS! I started homeschooling last year, and I use with my 5 and 7 year olds. So much better than the “spiral math” that did not demand concept mastery before moving on. My 7 year old (now 3rd grader) has done very well with MUS, and my 5 year old started Alpha this year.

  7. Oops. Mr. Demme. Gotta love auto correct.

  8. I love that it is building a good foundation for math! And my son loves doing it!

  9. Love the manipulatives!

  10. I love the hands on approach and the colorful blocks

  11. My kids love Mr. Steve and math is always fun at our house.

  12. Hands on ! Doing is best:-)

  13. Love Math U See! Great videos that explain new concepts so well!

  14. Math U See totally rocked for my older two and with the 3rd getting in the mix the blocks would be awesome!

  15. Lauren Ashley Lewis says:

    I love that Math U See is fun for eveyone learning it!

  16. Great math program for all learning styles-I and my kids are visual and kinesthetic learners and we actually understand the way this math is taught. 🙂

  17. Heather LoSchiavo says:

    I am new to homeschooling and have been researching what to use with my preschooler. I love that MUS looks like it can grow along with my boys to be used in various ways

  18. I love that it is mastery!

  19. I love how hands-on they are.

  20. It’s like having a teacher right there in the room. You can pause them, rewind them etc. I love it.

  21. I love how they use manipulatives to help tactile learners

  22. I love how hands-on they are and the videos!!

  23. Nicki Westra says:

    I really enjoy that the kiddos can move and touch things while learning basic math concepts.

  24. abigail carpenter says:

    I haven’t used this curriculum but have heard great things about MUS. Would love to try it.

  25. We would love to give Math-u-See a try. As we begin our homeschool journey I have been seriously thinking about giving this program a try!

  26. My 3rd grader could really benefit from this! It’s my first year homeschooling!

  27. I love how the skills build on one another! Wish I would have had this when I was in school;-)

  28. I totally opened a twitter account just so I could get the max number of entries! I’ve been searching for the right math curriculum for my 7 yo son and I recently decided that “when we can afford to change” I would get MUS because it seems so perfect for him!! It would be a miracle if we won this raffle! An answer to prayers:) GOD bless you for your blog and this glorious giveaway!! Even if we don’t win, what a blessing!!

  29. I love having the DVD to help teach my daughter! I also like the game ideas that can be found in the teacher’s book.

  30. I like having the DVDs to teach our kids. I was not good at math at al when I was in school, but with MUS, I’m finally able to understand math like Algebra myself, and teach our kids with a lot more confidence than I thought I would! We’ve been using MUS for 8 years now after trying 3 other popular curriculums and I can’t imagine ever using anything else!

  31. Nichole Richardson says:

    I love MUS for it’s mastery approach to learning math!

  32. I like how they use manipulatives!

  33. I would love to see how much my kids would learn from hands on learning with MUS.

  34. This is my first year using MUS after switching from another curriculum. My kids are enjoying it and I am enjoying teaching them math with MUS.

  35. I love the hands on application!!!

  36. I love the DVD. It is great to have my kids have a visual lesson b4 they start a new lesson.

  37. My daughter loves Math U See. If she had her way we would be done in 30 days as their is 30 chapters. She will literally sit down and want to keep going. I love the manipulatives as they are so brightly colored. Good Luck to those who entered!

  38. I’ve never used it!

  39. I’m actually looking at it for my middle son. The hands on learning might fit his learning style better.

  40. This is our first year of homeschooling. We are just starting MUS.

  41. I love MUS because when my kids use their blocks, I can see it all “click” with them. They need the visual, hands on system that MUS offers.

  42. I love that my daughter looks forward to doing MUS!

  43. Missy Barrett says:

    My son has some learning delays due to Tuberous Sclerosis. But he really gets MUS concepts! We love it!!

  44. We love the manipulatives because they make sense! We’ve got four using MUS this year with4 younger siblings waiting for their turn. We could use more blocks!!!

  45. April Jackson says:

    I have been praying about using this curriculum but with using Davy Ramsey, he says I can’t get it just yet. 🙂 I would love to use Math U See with my Kindergarten/First Grader.

  46. This is our first year and the manipulatives have really helped my son understand the concepts better since he is more of a hands on learner. I love Math U See! The video segments at the beginning of each lesson are also great!

  47. We have thought about using MUS for years. We have used ABEKA math for the last 2 years, with one year of Saxon before that. Now that we are so far into ABEKA I’m almost afraid to spend the money and find my kid can’t do it or hates it! This would be a great opportunity to try it. Thanks for such a wonderful website!

  48. I’ve used a few math programs and this is the best one! The lessons are clearly laid out, the scope and sequence rocks, and the amount of review is perfect. We are a MUS family!

  49. MUS has been a life saver for my dd2. She struggled so with the other math we started with, and things weren’t helped by being the only non-mathy person in the family (so far). We ended up starting over from scratch with MUS and now it all clicks for her, she has more confidence in her abilities and what she learns is staying with her. I love MUS! With 2 more kids yet to start math I’ve been wondering how to manage sharing one set of manipulatives

  50. I love the manipulatives that they use.

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