We had a chance to go on a ‘hands-on’ type of field trip today and we love those! A dear friend of mine has a new goat farm and did a wonderful session on milking goats for our Keepers at Home group. The girls had a wonderful time playing with the babies and learning to milk goats. We even got to bottle feed a baby, and try the milk our selves! It tasted quite good and I look forward to sampling some of her cheeses soon ;o)

Click below to view the whole album.


Thanks Audra!


  1. I need to first say that I am thankful my kids are napping so long today (just home from a long weekend trip) because I am getting so much helpful information from your website that I can't wait to work up and try with my 3 yr old this school year. 🙂 Thanks for all your cool stuff.BTW: I am a 1st year crewmate on the TOS Crew! :)I am so excited to see your goat milking blog. We milk our goats and love kidding time. There is nothing sweeter than a baby goat kid, well…. perhaps a baby lamb but they are not as playful! 🙂 Yay for your fun experience.

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