Hi everyone, I was so excited to have a Meal Plan for September that I decided to add in snacks to help myself a tad more! I also color coded the meals so it was easier to read. And just ‘cuz I know ya’ll won’t like all my meals I added in an edible editable MS Word version so you can change it to your liking :o)


Download September 2010 Meal Plan – PDF

Download September 2010 – MS Word (editable version)

And let’s just get one thing clear, I realize that I have meals scheduled for each day, and some of you may think that I don’t have intentions to slack off and eat out! Let me just assure you that is not the case! I’ll take a dinner out anytime my husband offers!

I also plan to skip a meal and add in a “left-over” day whenever needed, but if you don’t know me yet, at least know this: I am a planner. And my motto is “better to have a plan and not follow it, then have no plan at all”. Plus I’m hoping this will keep me from standing in front of my pantry at 5:00 pm wondering what the heck we’re having for dinner!

Click here to see some of the side dish recipes to go with this plan


  1. These are great meal plans. Do you happen to have grocery lists to go with them? I know that is alot to ask, but I was telling my girlfriend about your meal plans and she asked me about the grocery lists to go with the meals. So that way she knows what she needs when she goes to the store.Your an amazing woman of God…Blessings to you and yours

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