Here is another addition to the K4 curriculum that I’ve been working on. They are Vowel Sound and Beginning Blends Worksheets. Fairly straight forward, your student says the name of the picture, then circles the vowel sound they hear in the middle of the word. Be patient with this, middle sounds are much more difficult to hear than beginning sounds!


Also included are beginning blend worksheets. Again, say the name of the picture, then sound out both beginning blends and circle the correct one for that picture.

These are just a little addition to help your K4 preschooler make the connection between all the letter’s they’ve been learning and starting to form CVC words.

There are 2 Vowel identification worksheets and 6 beginning blends worksheets.

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These activities are part of my K4 level expansion to my Letter of the Week Curriculum, click on the images below to see more activities. The K4 curriculum isn’t quite finished yet, so until I get it packaged all nice and purdy you can download from my posts!

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  1. I can't thank you enough… WHAT PERFECT TIMING!! My son turned 4 last week, and is sounding out CVC words and I have no idea what to do next for him??!!.. I tried searching library for books on what the steps are to teach a child who is interested in learnign to read – but found nothing helpful. It makes sense that blends are next… if you can give me any other pointers or next steps, I would really appreciate it!-Debbiebilldebstanton at hotmail dot com

  2. Amazing!! Was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find worksheets on the vast vast internet, stumbled upon your site late last night, what a blessing you are!! Thank you so much for being so generous to other parents! Your site is adorable, well organized and extremely EXTREMELY helpful. It astonishes me all of the hard work you have created and willingly shared!

    ps. cute kiddos 🙂


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