Welcome to What’s in the Box Wednesday!

Wow, I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile! But I do like to look back and see what was in our workboxes, so I thought I’d do one again. I have another one for First Grade coming up too.

1. Math U See: Beta. You can also go to the Math U See E-sources, they have a ton of online activities, worksheet generator, loan calculator, investment calculator, and online math drills.


2. All About Spelling


3. Abeka Letters and Sounds Test (I put the test and key in there so when she gets to that box I’m not searching all over for my teachers manual.)


4. Abeka Language


5. A Reason for Handwriting transition to cursive book.


6. Little Kids Adventure Bible. My 2nd grader does her own bible reading each day. This Bible says its for ages 4-7, but I find it works well for her. There are still nice illustrations and the wording is great for her age. They also have The Adventure Bible for Young Readers that’s for kids 8-12.


7. Typing. Right now we’re using Talking Fingers, she’s almost done though. It just teaches letters so I’ll have to come up with something else to do next.


8. Living Math Fun Box: Logic Links. I just read Loving Living Math by Cindy West and LOVE the concept! I’m like most people and having a hard time letting go of my daily math book, so I’ve just added in some fun games for now. More on this topic to come.


That’s it for her boxes today, she’s also got reading, right now she’s going through the Magic Tree House books, but they’re not in her workboxes.

Have boxes to share? Make sure to link up below! Edited: Sorry guys apparently you have to pay for McLinky now, I haven’t decided if i want to do that or not! Anyone know of a free one?


  1. DRFHALL: Talking Fingers is an online typing program. I didn't originally like it, but my daughter seemed to! She finished now, and she can type, not really fast but does know where the letters are. Obviously the kids need to be old enough to read/spell basics before starting, but it does seem to work. They don't go over the numbers, or extra symbols like: ,{}"|+-Here's a review I did for TOS:http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2010/10/tos-review-talking-fingers.html

  2. Erica,

    Adding living math in addition to the textbook is something I do, too! As long as you aren’t overloading your child’s day, it’s not a problem to add a math game, logic puzzler, math literature or real-life project to the schedule.

    Many weeks we do textbook math 3 days and living math 2 days. During those weeks, the living math lessons are more in depth and take a decent amount of time. However, there are weeks when we’re in the textbook more often and only add living “supplements”. Since these supplements are usually quite fun, my children rarely complain.

    Thanks for the link!

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