Welcome to What’s in the Box Wednesday! I’ve been trying to get back to adding in fun things to our workboxes lately! With the end of our year in sight, I’ve been slacking a little, but the kids notice and have requested more fun things.


These were our first grade boxes for today:

  1. Abeka Reading
  2. Abeka Letters and Sounds
  3. Tape Measure It: This is a favorite! I give my son a tape measure, and a chart of objects for him to find and measure. He records the length of each object. On page 2 of the printout, he charts the objects based on length then lets me know which one was longest and shortest.
  4. Math U See Alpha
  5. Abeka Language
  6. iPhone Math Bingo: Another Favorite, anytime I can add in a fun educational iPhone app, they love it!
  7. AbekaLetters and Sounds Test
  8. A Reason for Handwriting T
  9. All About Spelling Level 2: I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

Have workboxes to share? Leave your blog in the comments, I’d love to see them!


  1. I tried all about spelling. I ended up ordering level 1, thinking that my son would do well, but I found that he was WAY past it and was bored so we tried something else. I was thinking of doing level 2 during the summer, or do you think I should skip it and go to level 3 for next fall? He will be in 2nd grade in the fall. For Grammar do you use also use Abeka?

  2. I thought I’d just say that the 10 drawer carts are on sale at ShopKo this week. Today the B1G1 sale ends, but it’s being replaced with an even better deal. Regularly $69.99, they’re on sale for $29.99, starting tomorrow (at least, at my local ShopKo here in Utah).

    I bought two today since I didn’t want to come back tomorrow, so they were $35 each for me. Still an excellent deal, so I won’t complain 🙂

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