We had the privilege of touring the Butterfly Pavilion this summer. We’ve never been there before and while the tour was short, the scenery was incredible!




I’ve never seen that many different types of butterflies before. They were flying all over, and with all the luscious flowers tempting them, we were able to get some good photos!

One of the highlights of the trip was “Rosie”. An extremely docile and patient brown tarantula that allowed dozens of children to hold her. They each received a souvenir badge stating that they “held Rosie” to commemorate the occurrence.



The exhibit was also filled with some buggy, insecty things. Most of which I’m glad do not normally live in this area.

IMG_2690 - Copy





Each day they release dozens of brand new butterflies into the room. As they emerge from the cocoon’s they tell a bit about each type and then release it into the air. These butterflies are all imported while still in the chrysalis from Brazil. They ship in containers packed in cotton so as not to harm.



The environment is very similar to the rainforest, nice and humid and full of beautiful, and tasty flowers for the butterflies to feed on.



Here’s a few that stopped just long enough for me to get a close up.




All in all we had a great time and though I didn’t nearly capture all of the beautiful creatures in this display, I assure you it was a sight worth seeing!


  1. Gorgeous! How fun!! This would have been the perfect thing for my daughter and i to do this week as we are on letter b (letter of the week curriculum)! Love the pictures you go of the butterflies…eww to all the other creepy crawlies 😉

  2. So fun and beautiful! And yes, be glad you don’t have roaches! That pic about grossed me out–that was always a problem growing up in Texas! Reminded to be thankful for what I don’t deal with now 🙂 !

  3. We love the Butterfly Pavilion and have gone several times! All of my kiddos (well except the baby of course) have held Rosie. They still talk about it even though it has been since last summer. My 3 year old even saw a tarantula in a book the other day and said “There’s Rosie!” I am amazed at all the different types of butterflies there are…how creative is our God.

    Martha Huber

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