In the words of the Teeny Tot “Oh my goodness!” For those of you who know me by now, you know that I’m so NOT A CLUTTER person.

For those of you who don’t know me…I’m not a clutter person.

Clutter and homeschooling seems to go hand in hand, and apparently girls and clothes clutter also go hand in hand.

Just not my hand.

Because I’m not a clutter person.

So when I walked into my girls room and saw this mess…”OH MY GOODNESS!” Something had to be done. And fast. Like right now.

So the first thing we did was remove anything that didn’t fit anymore. Since there are 3 little girlies in this house the old clothes usually get stored in a Rubbermaid bin for the next lucky girl:



Then we removed all those pesky shoes that lost their match, along with clothing that was damaged beyond repair and not fit for the next lucky girl.



Finally, and this is a pet-peeve of mine, we got rid of all those hangers. Those stray-non-matching-hangers. You know the one’s, the kind you get to take home from the store, that don’t match the size of any of the other hangers, that have those “handy tabs” on top that actually rip holes in the clothes when little girls pull them off the hangers. The ones you find all over the floor, half hooked, hanging off, stuck in the laundry. I hate those pesky hangers! It’s okay…just let them go. You’ll thank me.



Next, we re-folded clothes, grabbed a few canvas closet totes for socks and undergarments, and sorted hanging clothes by t-shirts and dresses (we got all these organizers at Babies R US). And this my clutter-despising friends is the result:



Be still my heart.

Here it is again, the beast….and the beauty.





I applied this same cleanout to the other side of this closet where Tinker Bell lives and voila:


Before horror……………………………………………After Bliss

There now, isn’t that so much better? Now…no one gets to wear anything but what they’ve got on their bodies. I’m going to put plexi-glass up on the closet so you can look but not touch ;o) I’m kidding. Kind of.


Happy Organizing!


  1. I tackeled my 16 month old girls closet about a month ago……….whew….and thank goodness that is over with! Her closet had met the worst stage of declutter on the face of this earth! I pulled everything out, and did this while she proceeded to play with every piece of clothing. She and her brother literally painted the room with all those clothes! I was on a mission though and refused to stop until it was done! Haha! Pregnant and miserable, by golly that closet got a remodel! Now it is simply fabulous! I took all if the outgrown clothes to a consignment shop that day (6 trips to the car…..6!!!! And she’s only 16 months old!! And that was only fall items!! WHAT?!) now…if only all these toys and homeschooling supplies could get this organized I would be in awesome shape!

  2. Love, Love the plexi glass idea! Don’t think I’m terrible.- I have actually put a chain lock on one of the closet doors for my girlie girl, who likes to change outfits hourly (without hanging anything back up). Worked for awhile. Now she can reach chain to unlock it. I feel your pain!!

  3. I just moved my 3.5 year old out of the 6 year old’s room. SO I had to not only re-organize closet, but I purged and move all around. I am like you, I hate clutter AND those store hangers. DD has pink /white hangers and son has red/black hangers.


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