We are trying out a new Typing Program this year called Typing Instructor. It’s still new in our house but so far I like it. My daughter loves all the fun games, and story typing. I like that the program tracks their progress and will continue to work on the skills they need to master. The game island is great because it will only use the keys that your student has already learned! They can play through games while practicing their typing skills…very cool!




Another thing I like is that there are several levels of courses to choose from depending on skill level. There are 20+ typing level courses total, you can start at the very beginning Ages 8-9 Course, the Home Row level, then go all the way up through to an Advanced Keyboarding Course. This makes me think I won’t have to search for a new typing program on a yearly basis.

What’s The Cost? You can purchase a CD version for Windows or MAC for about $30 (You can usually get them at Sam’s, Costco, or online.)

There is also an online version where you’ll go to their site each day, log in to do your lesson. Prices are below:

  • 3.95 – 7 days
  • 6.95 – Monthly
  • $14.95 – 3 Months
  • $29.95 – Yearly (Although right now they’re offering a 50% off sale ($14.95/yr) on yearly plans)
  • You can also get more information on Multi-User Licenses for Schools here.


How Does it Work?

The lessons show an onscreen keyboard to help guide you to the proper place, and there are voice commands to help as well. As they type the cursor goes over the letters, if they make a mistake the letter turns red and buzzes so they know to go back and fix it. One thing I really like is that they’re looking at the screen as they type so they’re not trying to look at a separate book, then over at the screen, then check their fingers all at the same time.




Each lesson takes about 15 minutes or so to complete depending on the level, I have Strawberry Shortcake and Turbo do theirs back to back since we have the CD version. I was able to set up two users and they just login as their own user so the system keeps track of where they are and what level’s they’ve completed.




See for yourself: There are free typing trials so you can check it out for yourself, just visit Typing Instructor to see all the options.

We’ve just started this with Turbo and Strawberry Shortcake, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, but for now I give it a thumbs up on teaching typing!


  1. Do you have the regular version or the kids version? Do you know if the online version allows more than one student?
    I see they have a section for schools and say homeschools, but those cost $700 and up. 🙂 My homeschool isn’t that big! 🙂
    Thanks for the review. I am definitely checking it out.

    Kori Ireland
  2. Erica, I asked my husband to check at Sams for this typing program. They were out of stock so he quickly checked Sams Club on line. They have it right now for $8 – AWESOME! Thank you for your reviews on this product, we look forward to trying it.

    Laurie Rodriguez
  3. I also just found and ordered the Typing software online through Sams…and it was $9.50 total! 🙂 Thanks for the review and thanks to the mom above who mentioned looking at Sams online.

    Robyn Wright
  4. I use an iMac, so despite its being slightly more expensive (at $19.95), I decided to download the Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum Edition from the Apple App Store so that I can get updates without buying new software. My daughter will be using this program next year in our homeschool, and I am curious as to how you schedule it (i.e. how many lessons and/or games per day and per week)? I would appreciate your advise since your kids have used the program. Thanks!

    Amanda O'Neal
  5. Hi. We have typing instructor online at our school and the customer service is HORRIBLE. Well, it’s non existent – so I would classify this as horrible. The lessons are fine but the students course progress frequently get switched around and lost. You cannot lock them out of changing their settings and when you change it back, it forgets everything they’ve ever worked on. The way to export the grades are very strange too. There’s got to be better software out there. We will not be renewing our contract with them. They are also one of the most expensive ones out there too!

    Missy Jaeger
    1. Hi Missy,
      You might want to try http://www.typingweb.com it’s free and you can set up a classroom for your students. I have the Typing Instructor CD and it’s been fine, so if you still want to use the program you might also considering doing the CD instead of the online program. Good to know about their service though, I don’t love supporting companies with poor customer service.


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