Hi everyone! I have some fun Teeny Tot workbox ideas to share with you today.


What is in our boxes this week?


Number Tracing: You can either use with pencil/crayon etc, or laminate and use with dry-erase. We chose to put stickers along each number just for fun. This kid has some serious focus when she’s doing schoolwork.



She had fun with the lacing buttons today. First she made herself a necklace, then proceeded to create the most knotted bunch of buttons I think I’ve ever seen.



She really likes the Geoboard. She made shapes using colored rubber bands. Then she took them all off and did straight lines, then filled the board.



She also did an uppercase/lowercase Letter A matching game from my Letter of the Week curriculum.




She also loves to play our Rush Hour Jr. game. Although she refuses to play by the rules. She’s stubborn. I guess the glasses help her get in the “driving” mood.



And again with the Do-A-Dot markers. What IS it with those things? I’m making a petition right now to have the Do-A-Dot people come out with WASHABLE Do-A-Dot markers! Whose with me!?



Well, those were some of our favorites for this week! Have ideas to share? Make sure to link up below!


  1. Love the ideas that flow from you every week! I do have a question though. We just started workboxes with all of our kids ( found out about them from your blog ) my older kids love them, but my little one who just turned three, loses interest very fast. She will not play with any one box for more than 2 min. I sat down and showed her how each item works ( not all at once ) but she just wants to be played with. I have four and one on the way, and need our toddler to start to play on her own and really was hoping she would take interest in these activities! I pretty much use a lot of your ideas. Any way did you have any trouble getting or keeping your tot interested? She is so cute by the way!

    1. Hi Katie,
      My Teeny Tot does the same thing some days. Sometimes she will sit and work nicely, sometimes she won’t. I don’t push her to do the activities too much at age 3, but I do require that she play in our room semi-quietly so the others can work.

      That said today she managed to sneak out and dump an entire container of fish food in our tank! Ugh…

      Just have to take it in stride and be consistent. She usually stays in our room, and if she doesn’t like what is in her boxes I’ll let her pick something she does want to do instead.

      At 3 they have the attention span of a fly! But it’s a fleeting phase, so as hard as it is, remember to enjoy them at that age!

    2. Hi Katie,
      I just wanted to add what has worked from our experience. My son {age 7} uses workboxes. My daughter {age 3 1/2} did not take to the workboxes {I’m thinking “out of sight, out of mind”}. I started putting out 3-4 trays of activities on a shelf and she really gravitates towards those. Just that simple change has made our school time run a little smoother. She now expects me to have new “school work” out for her. Of course, there are days when she just wants to be in my lap the whole time, lol.

      1. Katie, I have a 2 1/2 year old, so I can totally relate! Keeping him busy is harder than homeschooling my kindergartener! 🙂

        I wanted to share something that works well for us. I have a storage type tub that I keep in my closet. Randomly I will swipe toys and hide them in there. (I know, sneaky! )Then after a week or two, that is what I bring out for him to play with during the times that I really need to be focusing on my older child. It seems to work well for him b/c it’s almost as though he forgets about those toys and then they become new again! If your children are like mine, they have plenty of toys to rotate this idea through with!

        Another thing he really likes is playing beans. I have an under-the-bed storage tub that I filled with dried beans (you could also use rice). You could make this a “school only” activity. My son loves to play with his construction vehicles in it, but it’s also great for scooping and pouring, as well as pretend play. He often makes me bean “ice cream”. 🙂 Maybe since you have a daughter she could have a tea party with some of her favorite stuffed animals/dolls and use the beans to pour the tea?

        Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you b/c I have the same struggle. One homeschool mama to the other, here’s a big hug and a high five! keep on keeping on! Sounds like you’re doing great. 🙂

  2. Our Do A Dot markers say washable?? We purchased ours at a local school supply store. Some of the colors are hard to wash off, we just have to give a liitle elbow grease! We love these things!!!

  3. Hey Erica-
    Just an FYI- I bought a pack of Do A Dot markers at Michael’s last week- except they are called “Crafty Dab Kids’ Paint”. But they say washable. They come in a pack of 6, and I used my 40% off coupon, so I got them for less than $7!
    Love your blog!


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