Hi everyone! I have some fun Teeny Tot workbox ideas to share with you today.


What is in our boxes this week?


Number Tracing: You can either use with pencil/crayon etc, or laminate and use with dry-erase. We chose to put stickers along each number just for fun. This kid has some serious focus when she’s doing schoolwork.



She had fun with the lacing buttons today. First she made herself a necklace, then proceeded to create the most knotted bunch of buttons I think I’ve ever seen.



She really likes the Geoboard. She made shapes using colored rubber bands. Then she took them all off and did straight lines, then filled the board.



She also did an uppercase/lowercase Letter A matching game from my Letter of the Week curriculum.




She also loves to play our Rush Hour Jr. game. Although she refuses to play by the rules. She’s stubborn. I guess the glasses help her get in the “driving” mood.



And again with the Do-A-Dot markers. What IS it with those things? I’m making a petition right now to have the Do-A-Dot people come out with WASHABLE Do-A-Dot markers! Whose with me!?



Well, those were some of our favorites for this week! Have ideas to share? Make sure to link up below!


  1. I am absolutely loving all of these teeny tot ideas, and am bookmarking for when my youngest (just 18 months) is ready for some focused play!
    Actually, I’ve borrowed a few to use with my preschooler, who is equally as excited about them! Keep them coming!

  2. I have a 7yr old, 4yr old and 2yr old, and this is my first year homeschooling. We have not done the work boxes yet, but I love the idea and will probably spend the summer getting ready for those next year. Here is my question….do you give her a time limit on the activities (i.e. 10 minutes or so per box)? My 4yr old would do them, but after about 3 minutes is ready to move onto something else….which is about the time I sit down with my 7yr old to do “real” school. I feel like I have a spring on my butt:)

    Hope Martinez
  3. I love these ideas. My lil bit is turning 2 in a few days, and she is a very spirited little girl. She is so young yet has an interest in doing what the big girls are doing. She is starting to get quite bored with her blanket time. I have been looking for suggestions on things she may really enjoy, yet will keep her entertained. This could be the solution to the problem.

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