I’ve been scouring the internet for some kind of blog post planner to help me organize my posts, ideas, reviews, giveaways. And I mean, it had to be pretty right? Sadly I haven’t found one that has exactly what I’m after, so I made one and wanted to share it with any of you out there looking for a planner too!

Introducing the 2012 Blog Post Planner!


Monthly Planner Page One:

Each month has a different color scheme and two information pages with it. The first page is a month layout. The dates are listed along the left side of the sheet, then there is room for the Topic or Title of your post, and Category/Tag (In Blogger, these are called Labels).  Next to that are little check boxes to note if the post is a review and/or giveaway. There is also a winner box so that I can check that once my winner is selected and an email has been sent to them along with a post created. That way I won’t forget to pick my winners!



Next are social media check boxes, one for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. I check those to indicate that my post has been shared to all of my social media outlets.


Monthly Planner Page Deux:

The second page of each month has a spot for review details. This is where I add the due date of the post, the vendor, product, and product pricing. This helps me to keep reviews scheduled and not commit to anything that I can’t deliver! It also helps me keep track of product prices for my taxes.


This page also has a spot for post ideas so that in the event I have an epiphany, I can quickly jot down my idea for the month here so it’s not lost in all of the information swirling around in my head. I seem to have a finite amount of space up there these days!

I had mine spiral bound so it is easy to flip back and forth. It was only a few dollars to get it done at Office Depot, and they even put on a clear plastic cover just to help protect it.



And that’s it! I find that keeping my planner handy is the best way for me to keep all of my ideas and posts organized!

I hope the blog post planner can help some of you! If you have any suggestions on making it better, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment, I’d love to hear suggestions!


–> Download the 2012 Blog Post Planner  <–


P.S. Since it’s already April, this planner has pages for April 2012 – December2012 included in it.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Hey dearie…this is gorgeous! I’ve used Microsoft Excel for YEARS and YEARS to make all sorts of planners, calendars, and forms (yeah, I’m old enough that I can actually say DECADES–as in PLURAL!!!–and NOT be stretching the truth a bit!), but have never “figured out” how to give it the cool floral background you’ve done here. LOVE. IT!!!

    Care to share how to do that?

    Hugs from a Soul Sister in WV…

    Deb <

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