Welcome to our Teeny Tot Tuesday preschool letter F for Fish activities! This week the Teeny Tot did a great job with her school, she’s getting very official about the whole thing…of course it’s right in time for the end of our year, but that’s okay!

This week she worked on Letter F activities along with some other fun games to help work on her fine-motor skills.

Calendar Time: I think I mentioned on the last Teeny Tot Tuesday post that she was taking over our daily calendar along with the help of her big sister, Tinker Bell. Here she is insisting on doing it herself. She does okay up until about 11 now, but then starts to make up numbers, so we’re working on it. She’s a “do it myself” type of gal, so I think it might be a little…um…challenging…trying to teacher her.

Teeny Tot preschool calendar time


Magnet Activity: I love this activity and so do the kids. We use some power magnets we found on Amazon, but you can really use any magnets you like. I also love the Pom-Pom Magnets from Mama-Jenn. Ours fell apart and I haven’t had a chance to fix them, hopefully I’ll get on that before the Teeny Tot graduates!

Teeny Tot preschool magnet activity


Measuring Activity: The Teeny Tot loved this activity, and it was a new one as well. I gave her some goldfish crackers and had her line them up to measure the fish on her worksheet. Once she was done I had her show me which one was largest/biggest, medium, and smallest or tiny. And of course I let her eat them when she was all done!

Teeny Tot preschool measuring activity


Large Floor Number Activity: We set these out in numerical order. We said each number together as she stepped on them, then I had her to backwards 10 to 1, finally I had her say the color of each fish as she stepped on the cards. It’s a great way to get preschoolers up and moving around while learning number recognition and counting skills!

Teeny Tot preschool large floor number activity


Scissor Skills Activity: All the Teeny Tot had in this drawer was her worksheet and a pair of scissors. When she first started this year, I helped hold the paper, but now she’s able to hold the paper while she cuts. She did a great job on this, the zig-zags threw her for a little loop, but I was happy to see she did a good job on the curve and the square shapes at the bottom.

Teeny Tot preschool scissor skills activity


Fish Building Activity: This was a new activity for her. It’s great for building logical thinking skills and spatial reasoning skills too. I gave her the fish game pieces, and told her to try and copy the picture of the fish on the game board. If your kids are younger, just have them put the fish pieces directly on top of the game board. Once they get a little older you can have them do the pattern off to the side. I had to help the Teeny Tot a little to get the pyramid shape, but she did get each layer of fish in the correct position.

Teeny Tot preschool fish building activity


Size Sorting Activity: For this activity, I simply directed her to get the biggest fish first, then I asked for the next largest, then the next biggest, then the medium sized fish. Then I asked for the next smaller fish, and so on until we got to the smallest one. I alternate calling them biggest, largest, medium, smallest, smaller, and tiny just to get her used to the terms.

Teeny Tot preschool size sorting activity


Letter F Color Block Activity: Today I had the Teeny Tot use the same color 1” wooden cubes to line her letter F pieces. Sometimes we have her make patterns, but she doesn’t quite get that concept yet.

Teeny Tot preschool color block activity


Scavenger Hunt Activity: Strawberry Shortcake remembered this from back when Tinker Bell was doing these activities! She pulled out a drawer and helped the Teeny Tot fill it with things that start with the letter “f”. Her bucket included flip-flops, and gold fish crackers, she also drew a picture of the ‘fridge’ on a piece of paper, I think it’s under the flip-flops so you can’t see it, but I thought it was pretty funny!

Teeny Tot preschool scavenger hunt activity


Geoboard by Learning Resources: We haven’t pulled out our Geoboard lately, so I put one in her drawers this week and she had a great time. I normally would have her make the letter of the week using rubber bands, but that’s a little ahead of where she is so I just let her put them on however she wanted to. Either way it’s great fine-motor skill practice.

Teeny Tot preschool geoboard activity


Letter F Do-A-Dot: The Teeny Tot loves her Do-A-Dot pages, as you can see from her focus she takes it very seriously. This activity is great for hand-eye coordination, and one-to-one correspondence.

Teeny Tot preschool Do-A-Dot activity


Notice the change of clothes? Yes, she did it twice. What is it with those do-a-dot markers? She loves them!

Teeny Tot preschool Do-A-Dot activity done


Cut and Paste: Next up I gave her a cut and paste fish activity. She actually did a great job cutting out her fish parts, and was excited to paste them down. I always use glue sticks for little guys since they’re mostly mess free.

Teeny Tot preschool cut and paste activity


Here is her finished fish, as you can see she’s fairly pleased with her cut and paste skills! I do have to confess I helped show her where to paste the parts, her original fish was a little…um, like Picasso’s cubist era.

Teeny Tot preschool cut and paste activity done


Fish Coloring Activity: The Teeny Tot loves to color, and she’s getting really good at it. Her fine-motor skills are really improving and coloring is a great way to work on those hand muscles needed for handwriting.

Teeny Tot preschool fish coloring activity


Reading Readiness Game: Next she played with a fun new game we received called Teaching Tiles Early Learning Reading Readiness. The kit comes with word cards, picture cards, and letter matching. Since the Teeny Tot is a newbie at school she did the picture matching cards.

Teeny Tot preschool reading readiness game


Here is an up-close of the game board:

Teeny Tot preschool reading readiness game board


  1. Hi:o) Just wondering, are these activities available with your Preschool Curriculum? I was thinking about using it this year with my 3 year old this fall when we start homeschooling our almost 5 year old. Love the numbers on the floor and having them step on numbers while counting! Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Yes, all of them are part of the curriculum, minus the ‘non-fish’ related activities towards the end. And there are more, she didn’t do everything this week.
      Here is a link to it in my store, you can see a little more about what’s included, but there are about 15-20 games per letter so there is plenty to choose from!

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. I so understand that “getting official” right at the end of the school year. My youngest will be 3 mid June and this last month he has really gotten into the preschool activities/routines…just in time for school to be out. 🙂

  3. Is this a single day full of activity for her!! I’m overwhelmed by the thought of homeschooling. I have four kiddos 6 years and under…. Urgh…I’m trying it out for the summer but wonder how you manage to do it with multiple kids and young ones that don’t sit still….

  4. I’m going to be starting my 3 year old son in preschool next week. I love your calendar. Is that something you created or did you buy that somewhere? I bought the whole Letter of the Day program, but I didn’t see a calendar in there, so I’m just curious where you would recommend getting one. 🙂 (Or did I miss it, there is so much stuff it is quite possible.)

    Thank you for all of your hard work putting all of this together!

  5. Hi! Can you point me in the right direction as to where I can get a calendar like the one in the picture? That’s exactly what I’m looking for. One that has changeable months and days. Thanks in advance!

    Angel Gonzales

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