Good morning to all of you totally awesome Kindergarten teachers! I’ve had several requests to make Dolch Sight Word cards, so I thought this cute little caterpillar was a fun way to learn and review sight words! Today I’m sharing the Kindergarten Dolch Sight Word Caterpillar cards with you!


–> Download the Kindergarten Sight Word Caterpillar <–

How to use the caterpillar sight words:

Print pages 3-7 on cardstock and laminate for durability if you choose. Page 8 includes blank caterpillar pieces so you can add your own words!

TIP: Laminate two sheets back to back so the printed sides are facing out, and the blank sides are touching. Run both sheets through your lamination machine, then cut apart and cut out circles. This will create a circle that is laminated on one side, but not on the back side. This helps with creating a backside that is not slippery and can be taped to the wall.

Add the caterpillar head to a blank area of your wall where you plan to add the caterpillar sight word cards. Add each new caterpillar sight word body part to your wall as you learn it. Review your caterpillar cards daily!

And don’t worry…

First, Second, and Third Grade sight word caterpillars are coming soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I teach Reading and my students still like to have their own set of cards. These are so cute!! Thinking of the Dolch list, my kids and I discovered a couple of cool sites this past year. One is Cubert’s Writing Cube: (which is a fun creative writing site) and the other is (where you can practice your list of words in cool puzzles) ! Thought I’d share them as I think they’ve helped my kids get extra practice seeing and writing their words.

    Ellen Zimmerli
  2. Hi Erica! Thanks for making these available–I love them & think they will help my little kindergartener. Was just wondering though–my printer sadly only prints in black ink. Is there any way to remove the colors from the circles so they’re not all shaded in with gray?

    Amy C.
  3. I love the sight word caterpillar, however I don’t like the font. The letter ‘a’ should be in a font that they recognize because we don’t teach them to write that way and some may not recognize it. Century Gothic would be a good one to use. Thanks. Love the website!

    1. It’s FREE. .. How can you complain? Geezz…
      It’s good for kids to learn all kinds of fonts. Take environmental fonts for instance and all they will see… It’s all part of learning.

  4. Thank you so much for putting this out there for free for us! I made my own cookie game for the pre primer words and it took so long in the word document. This saved me lots of time and it’s so cute. I know my kids will like it. Thank you!

  5. This is awesome, thanks for sharing! My son started kindergarten and I was looking for ways to review sight words for his assessment next week. He had a great time and is excited about adding new words to his caterpillar. We been using flash cards and im adding this as a review supplement.

    We glued the sight words to a poster board. Every week I will have my son glue his new sight words and continue to use the flash cards as well. He was very excited and happy with this project. Again, thank you so much for sharing!

    I also copied the circles from your pdf to a word document, so I was able to type in my pre-primer words!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to my list  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get it, out right now I have several projects going on, but I will try!


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