Hi lovely readers! Today I’m back with another What’s in the Box Wednesday post. Today I’m sharing Turbo’s third grade workbox contents for you all.

In their first box, each of my kiddos has an Expanding Acrylic Drawer Organizer with all of the supplies they’ll need. This keeps them from getting up a thousand times during class to get something! Turbo also has his Daily Learning Notebook which is how he starts each morning. They are all used to this now and do it independently.



In his next box we have our favorite spelling, All About Spelling, and he also has a journal stick in the back of the drawer. I have him write in there on Friday’s, right now it’s nothing formal, he’s aloud to write whatever he wants, and if he needs a prompt I’ll help give him a topic.



His next box has his Math U See blocks, workbook, worksheets, and DVD. I also have some 5 minute math drill worksheets in there. He does one per day to help keep his math facts fresh.



Next up is his A Reason for Handwriting worksheet, and BJU Press English 3 worksheets.



In his bottom drawer he keeps his World’s Greatest Composers Vol 1 lapbook, and Classical Literature Units lapbook. Right now we’re working through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. These have been so fun, and my kiddos are loving it! I also have his Abeka Reader in there as well. Underneath it is a small spiral binder that he writes all of his vocabulary words in prior to reading.



Not pictured: The below are our additional activities. We usually do these as a group, or some individually, but they don’t really make sense to put in the boxes. I’m currently using Homeschool Tracker to keep our schedule under control, so each week I print off an assignments calendar for each student. They each go down their list and highlight off activities as they are completed so we make sure not to miss anything.

  • History: Abeka History (3rd Grade)
  • Literature: Classical Literature Units
  • P.E.: Family Time Fitness
  • Piano: Piano is Easy (We’re starting with Teach Yourself Piano Step by Step)
  • Typing: Typing Instructor
  • Writing: Write Shop Junior D
  • And those are Turbo’s boxes for the day. After school, I will pull out any new worksheets or activities needed and refill his boxes so they’re ready to go!


    1. Does it ever feel like too much to do AAS + Writeshop + BJUPress or do they all cover different things? Does BJU include phonics? We love AAS (just started Level 2) but are still trying to figure out what other programs to use to round out language arts.

    2. Hi Erica – Merry Christmas!
      I notice that you pull pages out of workbooks – like BJU English and handwriting. What do you do with the completed pages? In years past, I’ve had their workbooks spiralbound so they would lay flat, but I didn’t this year. And I keep wondering if it would be easier to pull their sheets for the week to add to their daily binders. It’s kind of nice to have their workbooks whole in order to reference previous material for review, if needed. But they’re looking a little rough – warped from using pencils as placeholders and hard to write in when near the curve that leads to the spine. So I was curious how you organize your children’s completed work when you pull the pages from a workbook.
      Thanks for all these great organizing tips!

    3. Hi Erica,

      I really love your posts. Do you use BJU just for their Grammar? I noticed that you use Write Shop Plus, so I’m guessing that you don’t use BJU for their writing. We currently use BJU for spelling and English but I’m not too impressed with their writing and was wanting to try something else. Write Shop plus looks interesting and so does All about spelling.

    4. Erica,
      Your posts are always inspiring. I’m trying to gather as much information as I can before I start homeschooling my daughter next year. It can be a little overwhelming but it’s nice to see someone else all put together. Gives me hope 🙂
      Thank you for your posts!

    5. Thank you Erica for posting all of this wonderful information. Because of you I have started using the workbox system. This our third week in and we all love it! I have two daughters – one in grade 3 and one in Kindergarten so I quite enjoy seeing “what’s in the box” and all of your relevant information. Also, we have been using your Greatest Composer & Orchestra curriculum and really enjoy it. Thanks for everything and keep up the great job!

    6. Thank you for your post.

      I was wondering if you can do a review on the Math U See program. How your kids respond to them at different levels? How does it compare to other math curriculum you have tried?

    7. Can you do a quick post on how you organize and store your math u see blocks. I have looked on the math u see website, and they sell a wooden box for $40, which I don’t want to spend, and it has no lid, which would be a disaster at my house. Thanks so much.

    8. What do you store your Math U See blocks in? I have been looking for something and I saw yours and thought it would be perfect, but I can’t figure our what you are using. Thanks!!


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