Hi everyone! Each year I receive emails asking about gift ideas for all of those awesome kiddos in your life! Well, this year I have a packed post of great ideas for the not only the little ones, but you mama’s too! Hope you enjoy! Sorry, apparently I’m really into exclamation points.

WARNING: Beware, this post is full of eye-candy, so try to contain yourself, and just to help out, you should be able to click on any of the images below and get to them online… ;o)

Stocking Stuffers:

Web buckdenverDVDs




Tot School:

Alphabet Lacing Beads / How to build an A

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Color Sorting Bears / Magnetic Fishing Game

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Stacking Cups / VTech Touch & Teach Turtle

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VTech Write & Learn Letter Book



Magnetic Color Cubes / Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

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Lakeshore Color Sorting Baskets / Do A Dot Markers

ff554_f doadotmarkers

Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards / Color Cube Activity Cards & Color Blocks

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Magnetic Pattern Blocks / VTech V.Reader

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Monkeying Around / My First Sticky Mosaics

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Letter of the Week Curriculum

BWS tips button

1st & 2nd Grade:

Magnetic Mosaics / Qwirkle / Pick and Draw

611OrHkEzVL._SL135_ 51LZacsMVKL._SL500_AA300_ Learn to draw cartoons the fun way!

Intermed. Pattern Block Cards / Rainbow Scratch Cards

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Monkey Math / Blokus

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Fashion Design Studio / Jewelry Design Kit

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Legos Pirate Loot Island / Lego Star Wars (Any really)

61ZA-dsEf7L._SL500_AA300_ 51-9SXnjBRL._SL500_AA300_

Jenga / Connect 4

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Elementary Aged Children::





Ahh! Bean bag chairs for kids


For Mom:

Scotch Thermal Laminator / HP Photo Printer

scotch 41xuM YWW L._SL500_AA300_

HP Envy / HP AIO Touch Screen


MadeOn Bee Silk Bars – These things ROCK!!


Easy Lunch Boxes /E-Mealz

EasyLunchboxes.com - Bento Lunch Boxes - Best Lunch Containers, Cooler Bags for Kids, Adults  emealz


Happy shopping! And make sure to stop by Starbucks so you don’t get too cranky waiting in line ;o) (I highly recommend the Tall Non-Fat White Mocha!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid advertisement or endorsement.

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