Hi everyone! Welcome to day 2 of my Summer Boredom busters series! Some of these ideas have been posted before, but since I have a lot of new readers, I wanted to re-share them for you all. Plus we’ll repeat them this summer too, so it’s a great refresher for me as well!



Today we’re talking about BUBBLE FUN!

Who doesn’t love bubbles right?

Plus they’re cheap…just like this project!

Well, in honor of bubbles everywhere today I present the Do-It-Yourself giant bubble wand!



See. I wasn’t kidding. That’s literally a GIANT bubble!

Ready for some serious summer fun? Keep reading, then head to the hardware store for some supplies!



The image above shows twine. Don’t use twine. The bubbles pop too easy. Use string. I should really follow my own instructions, no?

  • 2 wooden dowels per student
  • 2 hook and eye screws per student
  • cotton string
  • scissors
  • duct tape optional
  • cookie sheet or large tray of some kind to hold bubble mixture


STEP 1. Screw 1 hook and eye screw into the end of each dowel. This is fairly easy to do by hand, so no extra tools are necessary.



STEP 2. Using string, tie ends to each hook and eye screw at top of dowel, let remaining string hang down in a half circle shape and tie at bottom.


STEP 3. I cut my dowels in half to shorten them. To keep kids from getting splinters, I wrapped some pink duct tape on the ends. Plus they look pretty. Unless you’re a boy, then you’ll want to use camouflage tape or something more manly.)

Also, I suggest using smooth cotton string, mine  was twine so it kept twisting up, and also popped our bubbles easier.



STEP 4. Dip string in bubbles making sure to soak well. Carefully lift out of bubbles and slowly pull sticks apart until string is taught. Gently pull through air to create huge bubbles! (There is a recipe for homemade bubbles is below.)

Love the look on my son’s face in this one! We also used a cookie sheet to put our bubble mixture in so it was a little easier to get the really big ones!



If there’s no breeze, you can also blow gently to help them get started! We had to move to the side of our house because there was too much wind and our bubbles were popping right out of the shoot!



Are you out of bubble solution? No worries! Make your own:

  • 1/2 gallon water
  • 1/3 cup dawn dishwashing liquid
  • 3 tablespoons light corn syrup or sugar

Enjoy your super cheap summer fun bubbles!

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