Good morning!

Are you homeschooling in the state of Colorado?

Not sure what the laws are, or how to get started?

For all of you fellow Colorado homeschoolers out there I have created an eBook on homeschooling in the state of Colorado that I wanted to share.


I know that homeschooling in general can be a very daunting task. All of the curriculum choices, lesson planning, learning styles, and self-doubt that surround us as we start out can be discouraging. It is my vision to help make the process of homeschooling a little bit easier and take some of the “mystery” and stress out of homeschooling.

So let’s get started with homeschooling in Colorado…

Homeschooling in Colorado eBook includes things like:

  • Standardized testing
  • State laws
  • Attendance requirements
  • Subject requirements
  • Record Keeping
  • Reporting
  • Educational field trip ideas
  • Homeschooling support groups
  • Conventions & Fairs
  • Teacher Supply Stores


–> Download the Colorado Homeschooling eBook here!


I pray you find this book a blessing to your homeschooling journey, and if you’re ever in my area, make sure to stop and say “hi” if we ever run into each other!


** I’m sorry, for those of you living in other states, unfortunately I will not be creating individual state eBooks.

Disclosure: I am not a legal advisor and any information in this document is not to be taken as official legal advice in any way. Please contact for legal advice on on homeschooling in your state.


Stay tuned next week for a free Unit Study on the state of Colorado!


  1. Another great teacher store is Banks School Supply. I’ve heard negative things about mail orders, but they are fabulous in the Aurora store.
    Also, I don’t turn in my attendance records, but I do keep them. The law states maintain, so I don’t mail my records. As a caution from a NON legal person, I would not suddenly start doing less than what you have been doing.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful e-book! We are just moving to Colorado. I was wondering about the civics and Constitution requirements. How do you fulfill those? We are in Colorado Springs and have joined the co-op Cornerstone Cottage School.

    Leigh Ann
  3. Do most homeschooling families homeschool privately or under an independent non-public “umbrella” school? We’re moving there next month from CA. Trying to decide if it’s really necessary for an independent non-public school. I’ve been privately homeschooling for eight years. Any input/pro-cons would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. I think it’s a mix, you can do whatever works best for you. Since we attend our local school options program, we are not allowed to be in CHEC umbrella school. It would be like we were registered in two schools. I don’t think it matters to the state what you do, just do what works best for your needs.


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