Hi everyone! I’ve had quite a few requests to do some more What’s in the Workbox Wednesday posts for you all, so here we go! This week I wanted to show you what TinkerBell is doing. She’s currently in 2nd Grade this year.

Tinkerbell (2nd Grade)

As you’ll see,not everything goes in our workboxes. That is partially because I only have 5 drawers and it won’t all fit, and partially because some things just don’t make sense to have in a workbox like art, PE, Science, Typing, and our LEGO Education activities.

Here is her first drawer. It houses her expandable organizer tray and her Elementary Daily Learning Notebook.



Drawer number two has her Abeka phonics and Language workbooks. I normally pull out the worksheet for the day and place it on top of the workbook so she knows what to do. I can also tell whether or not she’s done it by whether or not the sheet is still in there at the end of the day.



The next drawer contains her Math U See Beta and her Abeka Reading book. For the Abeka she keeps a bookmark in there and just reads the next story in the book. For math i normally pull out her sheet for each day so she knows what to do.



The next drawer has her BJU Handwriting and All About Spelling level 2 booklet. For those of you who have asked, I use AAS lessons and the Abeka phonics worksheets to reinforce phonic skills.


Her last drawer has our Grapevine Bible Study binder and Erasable colored Pencils as well as her  Wordly Wise workbook. I pull out the worksheets for the Wordly Wise each day, we also purchased the tests as well. For the bible study we just keep a sticky tab on our current page in the binder so it’s easy to turn to each day.



And that’s it for her workbox drawers for the day! The other things are listed on her schedule so she knows she still has to do them, but they just don’t make sense or fit into our workboxes.


After school is done each day I will re-fill the drawers with her new work for the next day. That way we’re ready to go in the morning!

Have some great workbox ideas to share? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi, Erica. I really enjoy your site and you share some wonderful ideas! I am wondering though if you use 4shared for all of your printbles, in particulr if I purchase a curriculum from you – do I have to use 4 shared? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Chris,
      No 4 shared just hosts my free files, the purchased curriculum is sent out through my store server so you do NOT have to deal with the wait time and download issues they have on 4shared.

  2. I have a friend, missionary in C country. She needs some info on 2nd grade…. should I suggest her to look for online curr? I am so lost and she needs help, cause her 2nd grader is registered for K, no space at the public school and can’t afford international school…. any help is wanted… thnks

    1. Have her look into ABeka or bju or switched on schoolhouse. Those are the easiest. I used a blend of ABeka for phonics and math u see for math for second and filled in with reading and science experiments.

    2. Have her look into ABeka or bju or switched on schoolhouse. They are also video if she wants that. Those are the easiest. I used a blend of ABeka for phonics and math u see for math for second and filled in with reading and science experiments.

  3. I am wondering about how long your school day is. I have the hardest time trying to get everything done. Some people are saying that I am trying to do too much and I should simplify, but if I cut stuff it would be the stuff my kiddos really want to do like art, science, etc. My kiddos are similar in age to yours. I have a 3rd/4th, 2nd, K, and Pre K that is the same age as Teeny tot (who is no longer so teeny since they are almost 5, lol). My PreK attends preschool for speech services and my K is required to attend school due to foster regulations. They both get home at 11 and I try to go geography, calendar notebook, and some AAR with them after lunch. I also have a newly 2 year-old and a 6 month old, lest things get boring. 🙂 I have been following your site forever. It has been fun watching your kiddos grow up. Thanks!

    Christina Ferrell
  4. Hi! I recently purchased the letter of the week for my kiddos at home and the K4 for my kinders at work. This year we have transitional kindergarten and I noticed that most of these kids will be better using the letter fo the week. How can I upgrade so I can use it for my work too….? I tried to email you but the link was not working. 🙂

  5. Just curious on how much your 2nd grader is able to do independantly? I feel like I am constantly having to alternate between kiddos to help them/read directions, etc. It takes so much time! Just wondering if you have this happen too, or if you have any tips to help them work more independantly (especially if they are not reading too fluently to grasp all the directions yet).

  6. Hi Erica,

    I really like the look of wordly wise, we are also using all about spelling and it often takes longer because he wants definitions (which is great). I am just wondering if you purchase the teachers manual and iff that is a necessary expense in this case? Also, if you have tried the new online version. I was thinking of doing print for my daughter that does not do well on the computer and online for my 2nd grade son. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Melanie Nicklin

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