Welcome to day 2 of my Christmas Extravaganza Giveaways! Today I have a giveaway that is a perfect fit for the Christmas season!

We’ve just started the multi-level Birth of Jesus study. It’s been so awesome to go through this as we approach the holidays that I wanted to share it all with you too!




We started using Grapevine Studies a few years ago, and we still LOVE it! It’s easy to teach, and my children have fun drawing the little stick figures for everything. What I love most is that even Tinker Bell can look back at her drawings and recall what was going on in that section.

And with their recent additions of the traceable pages even the Teeny Tot can participate in the lessons!

What’s this study all about?

Saddle up your donkey and take your children and teens on a trip back to the manger! The timeline of the Nativity will come alive through the Bible study of the characters and events surrounding the birth of Jesus. On this journey students will map the travels of Joseph and Mary as they travel from Nazareth, to Bethlehem, to Jerusalem, to Egypt and back to Nazareth. Through the accounts of Matthew and Luke observe how Herod, the Wise Men, and the Shepherds responded to the newborn King. Strap on your sandals and start your journey today!

The study includes:

  • The chronology of the Nativity
  • The people involved
  • Where Jesus traveled
  • Scriptures related to the Birth of Jesus

Bible has quickly become one of our favorite parts of the day! You can read more reviews of Grapevine Studies here.

Would you like to see a sample so you can see for yourself? Click on the link below:


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  1. I also would like to share what we do for christmas. We have the 31 gifts of december. Each day my kids think of a different gift Jesus has given us and they draw pictures for that gift. Then we think about a gift we can give to Jesus and do it for his birthday.

    Sara Woody
  2. This study looks awesome! I would absolutely LOVE LOVE to win it! Thank you for the chance. Perfect for the season too. I haven’t ever tried Grapevine studies, but I hear a lot about eh company from many popular bloggers. It must be GREAT!

  3. Great and bright shine merry christmas to you from sweden and be thankful for Jesus baby and let that christmas season be best and cheerful to joy in gift for our the king of the king ,thanks and bless and merry christmas ,kiejo sweden


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