Good morning everyone! I thought you might like to catch up with the Teeny Tot since it’s been awhile.

First off she’s not so “teeny” anymore.

Nor is she a “tot”.

But I’m refusing to change her name just yet because it makes me cry.


Moving on.

She finished my Letter of the Week curriculum and is moving on to the K4 Kindergarten curriculum. but since she’s not fully ready to move into reading we’re taking it slow. I’m mixing in some of the LOTW activities to keep working on motor skills, and then she’s also starting in on some of the K4 activities that she IS ready for.

I did the same thing with Tinker Bell and she did great, so I’m hoping the same technique will work for the Teeny Tot. We shall see…

We started off by reviewing our letters, sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. Everything she learned last year. Since we take summers off, I find it best to spend a little time reviewing before moving on.

Here she’s working on my A-Z and 123 Tracing Worksheets. You can see all of my A-Z review activities in this post.


I also pulled out some letter matching activities to help us review our letters. I thought we’d just start over again with Letter A and go from there.



Here she’s working on a Letter A color matching activity. She already knows her colors well, but she likes to do these, so we add them into her boxes for the day.



Next up was the A-Z alphabet puzzle. This one wasn’t so easy for her so we sang the alphabet song together and I helped her get them in order.



Alphabet Fun Game: You’ll need 1 die and any object for your playing piece. Roll the die, move your piece that many spots and then say the name of the letter you land on, the sound it makes and something that starts with that letter! Whoever reaches the end first wins! Play again! (You may notice in the below pic that Y and Z are mixed up, as of 5/3 this download has been fixed!)

TheAlphabetGame copy


If you didn’t already download them, here are the A-Z collage worksheets, they come with collage ideas for each letter. Here’s a sample of the letter M with marshmallows glued to them.

collageweb copy IMG_1913


Letter A puzzle: She pulled this one out on her own, she likes doing puzzles and found this in the Letter A things that I had out. Since she’s already worked through most of these, I let her pick what she wants to do from the LOTW activities most days.



A-Z Letter Match Cards: These cards actually go from A-Z and 1-10. We’re using our plastic magnetic letters to match to each card. We matched upper and lowercase letters to each box.


Of course one of her favorites is the large floor numbers. These are from my Letter A activities as well. I have her do them forwards and backwards so she gets used to seeing the numbers as well as counting them. Going backwards helps determine which numbers she recognizes visually. Plus it helps teach her to count backwards. Double bonus!



These fun counting pages are from my math review games. They’re called the 1-10 Number Sticker Sheets: This download includes numbers 1-10. You can put stickers in each square or laminate it and re-use over and over with any manipulative of your choice! In this picture she’s using some glass craft beads we picked up from Michael’s Craft Store. We use them for counting and sorting.



Shape Silhouette Match Up: Cut out the colored shapes, and match them to their corresponding shape on the outline game board. As she puts each one on I have her tell me which shape and what color it is.



As with last year, she’s working on a new Daily Learning Notebook. Today she chose to put stickers on the shape page. But you can color it, paint it, stamp it, or whatever your heart desires!



And here is her Daily Learning Notebook weekday page. She’s writing the day of the month, for example this one was from the 1st so she’s writing a 1. She’ll also fill in the weekday word and color in the circle with today’s number on it.



Here’s another shape matching puzzle from my Letter of the Week activities. It comes with these large shape cards and I just laminated them and cut the shapes in half. If you’re child is ready for more of a challenge you could easily cut the shape into several pieces.



Click here to see more of my numbers, shapes, and colors review games!

And that’s it for today, once we get through some of the review games we’ll move on to more of my K4 Kindergarten activities!


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