Hi everyone! Need some ideas to keep your kiddos entertained this summer? Here is a great list of non-electronic ideas to help get them outside and put their creative energy to good use!/blog/2013/06/summer-boredom-buster-sidewalk-chalk-fun.html

We’re well on our way into summer and we’re having a great time. We’ve actually been kind of busy so we’re still waiting for those “relaxing summer days” to roll around. But I wanted to share my Summer Boredom busters with you for those long afternoons, rainy days, and anyone looking to have a little extra fun!

Click on the images below to see each idea!

summer_rockart summer_sidewalkchalk

Summer_sciencelab summer_bridge

summer_playdoh summer_birdfeeder



This post is part of my Summer Boredom Buster Series, click below to see more ideas!



P.S. I have several to share, so I’ll be breaking them up into a few posts over the next couple of days so stay tuned for more ideas tomorrow!

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  1. I like how you focused on outdoor options. And I admire how your pace of creativity fills up enough days at a time to keep your readers a step ahead of the kids. Looking forward to your next posts.

    And thanks for these ideas, Erica!

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