Good morning everyone! I am so excited today, I have a great giveaway for all of you Math-U-See and Spelling You See users out there! And if you haven’t tried Math U See yet, now is a perfect time to check it out. If I switch curriculum, I try to do it after the Christmas break so it’s like a nice clean start.




One thing I love about Math-U-See is that they teach to mastery, and that means your student might not learn a certain skill right off the bat. They build on concepts so that the math skills actually make sense for your student.

Students also use the MUS visual manipulatives to help further understand whatever skill they are working at the time. However to my surprise the students do not become depending on the manipulatives to solve problems. They’re simply hands on training tools to use until a concept is mastered.

This is what the Math-U-See looks like in our workboxes. I pull out their worksheet each day and keep the video DVD and our little plastic storage container. (For those of you interested, this is just a movable bead divider box from my local craft store.)



I’ve since upgraded to their wooden sorting box which has a nice area for working problems in it, and also holds all of the blocks nicely.



Math-U-See App

They also have a new Demme Learning Math App which is basically a portable supplement with the same colors, shapes, and functionality as the physical blocks, fraction overlays, and algebra/decimal inserts that are integral to Math-U-See from Primer through Algebra 1.

The Teeny Tot loves figuring out her math using the iPad, and it’s great for an alternative, or if you’re doing math on the go as well.



Spelling You See

I’m sure some of you saw that I’ve added Spelling You See to my curriculum list this year. Demme Learning has recently come out with Spelling You See which is a unique spelling curriculum. We’ve been using this product since mid-summer and so far we like it.



What is it?

The Spelling You See program follows a developmental philosophy that students move through these five stages:

  • Preliterate
  • Phonetic
  • Skill Development
  • Word Extension
  • Derivational Constancy

“Our program is research-based and based upon the finding that all students move through the same sequence of stages as they are learning to spell. Stages can’t be skipped or sped up. Although the stages children move through are the same, the pace at which they move through each stage is unique to each child.” ~ Spelling You See


There are no spelling tests so I am still waiting to see how effective this method is. But, so far I do like the concept. I also like that the copy work is educational as well, so double bonus! And honestly it serves as handwriting for my kiddos as well, so triple bonus!

There is also a weekly dictation lesson and so they suggest that you monitor progress through those assignments to see that words are being spelled correctly on an increasing basis. They suggest that you will also notice an improvement in spelling and reading in other areas of your students work. So I’ll keep you posted on how this works for us.


Win it!

Demme Learning is offering a giveaway for 1 level of Spelling You See OR Math U See, reader choice! So that means you can pick which product you want, and what level fits your homeschool best! Enter below to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Erica, I just love your blog! I have been following you for quite a long time and have been using a lot of your curriculum with my younger kiddos 🙂 You have been a blessing to our homeschool. We went back to Math U See this year after trying another program for a couple of years at my kids request…well that didn’t go as they had hoped, so went with my heart and went back. Great contest as I have yet to purchase more levels, thank you for all you do and blessings.

    Theresa Hoff

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