Hi everyone! I have another video review for you today, this time on the Grapevine Bible Studies curriculum. We’ve used Grapevine studies for several years now, and I think we’ve done just about all of the ones they have available. Thankfully they just released a new one this year, so we’ll be adding that to our 2015 curriculum list!



Grapevine studies are really easy and fun to do. I like that they require little to no preparation on my part as well. That means I can just open my teacher’s manual and go!

Here’s a short video I did showing what the Grapevine Bible Study curriculum looks like, and how we use it in our homeschool! Hope you enjoy…



Grapevine offers a sample schedule in the front of their units, however we just adjust them to fit our needs. We do not do one lesson per day as some of the lessons are several pages long. Instead we simply start the lesson, then end it wherever makes sense in the reading or based on how long it is taking. For example some of the days we might have more or less discussion of a particular topic, or my kiddos are really into their drawings and so it might take longer than normal to let them finish. So we’ll just do a few pages each day, then use a sticky tab to mark where we left off. Then we’ll pick it up in that spot the following day.



To prepare I just print out my teacher’s manual as well as one copy of the student workbooks for each of my children. The teeny tot likes to use the traceable worksheets, and then I get the normal blank ones for my older children. That way they can make their own drawings. But you’ll just want to choose whatever works best for your student’s age.

I like to spiral bind my teacher’s manual as well as my student workbooks. That just makes it easier for everyone to leave their books open to the page we’re currently working on. And it keeps all of the pages together nicely for storage. I think it’s about $3.50 or so to bind each one at our local office supply store. If you don’t want to spiral bind them, you can always hole punch the pages and put them in a 1/2” 3-ring binder as well. I like to keep all of the pages together and in order, but that’s just me!



These units are super easy to use and follow! Just open the teacher’s manual and do what it says! Normally the chapter will begin with a reading assignment which are usually not too long. I like to have my kids alternate reading so everyone gets a turn.

Next the manual will tell you what to have your children draw. You can draw a sample on your whiteboard to help give them ideas, or you can let them draw their own. On days when I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just show them the page in my teacher’s manual so they have a starting point, then they can do their own rendition.

At the end of each lesson there are review questions that we do verbally, but you can also have them write answers in their student workbooks as well. And that’s it! You move through each lesson in that manner until you’re done with the unit. Easy peasy!

I like that these units are interactive for the students as well. I think the drawing helps them recollect the reading as well as make it meaningful for their own lives too. And I really like that it’s one thing I don’t have to do a lot of preparation to complete for the day which is nice for this homeschooling mom of 4!

I hope this review helps you and as always feel free to ask if you have any questions! You’re welcome to visit my community and post questions there as well, we’re all having a great time sharing and learning from each other, so come join in on the fun!

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Want more information?

Not sure which level to get?

Like I mentioned we use the multi-level units since they work with all of our grades at once, but here is a link that gives more information about their levels so you can choose what will work best for your family. Grapevine About the Levels


    1. Hi Diana,

      You will only need one ebook for each level you want to teach. The Family License gives you permission to copy that book for your immediate family. You will also want the Teacher book or Teacher License.

      Grapevine Studies

  1. I am thinking about getting this for my kids next year. I was wondering what level you would suggest for a 4 year old and a 6 year old? Also what book do you suggest starting with? This will be the first Bible curriculum that I will of ever purchased for school.

    Samantha B.
    1. We’ve always just used the multi-grade units and they’ve worked fine. You might want to get the traceable version of the student workbook for your 4 year old if you think they’d rather trace, than draw their own figures. I don’t think it really matters what book you start with they’re all stand alone, so I would just start with one you think your kids would enjoy 🙂


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