Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing our 2016-2017 Homeschool Supply Haul with you.



We have four children and this year we spent about $150 on supplies total. I usually average around $100-$150 on supplies including a few extra things that we have to purchase for their weekly options program. This year I ordered most of our supplies online, but I did pick up a few extras at a local store as well. I hope you enjoy this video!


Watch Tip Tuesday: Homeschool Supply Haul here!

Here are some links to products mentioned in the video, I think I found everything, let me know if I forgot anything!

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So that’s our homeschool supply list for this year. I didn’t have to buy any paper, binders, or file folders this year since we had plenty left over from previous years. Yay!
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  1. Thank you for this video. We will have some erasers and stackable pencils coming to our house. I loved those stackable pencils as a child. My husband and I may take some of them for ourselves. haha

  2. We live in Japan and the Iwako erasers and all the rave! They can be found at all the 100Yen stores (like dollar trees in states) they normally come in packs of 4-5 for 100Yen there is food also!!!! My 4 year old adores them!!!!!!

    Kimberly Hinmon
  3. Hi Erica,

    We breezed through Walmart for our homeschool supplies today! Lovin that! Passing all the public school parents checking off their long school supply list with many items their kids won’t even use. I don’t miss that at all! My kiddos pick out a few cool things like new binders and pencil boxes etc. We don’t need a ton of supplies as homeschoolers, which is great. We like to refresh our stuff now and then and it makes my kids excited about the school year. This year they both picked out lockable supply boxes for their school supplies. Let’s see how long before one of them looses their keys! 😉

    Our one splurge is Frixion erasable pens. They are fun, but pricey! My son struggled with writing until I switched out his pencil for a Frixion pen. No more complaints about his hand aching or writing in general.

    Worth every penny!

    I am definitely going to order the red checking pencils.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you Erica the video is great. It is always nice to see what other homeschoolers use and which products work well. I totally remember thosestackable pencils from my childhood tool. I will have to pick some up at Amazon as I think my daughter will love them.

    Also, I have always enjoyed using polymer erasers. For me they just seem to work better than the standard red erasers. Here is a link if you ever want to try any.


  5. Haha! I love what you said about the Ticonderoga pencils. It’s pretty much word for word what I told the Wal-Mart employee who was re-stocking the school supplies last week when I said that those are the only pencils I buy – the lead doesn’t break as soon as you walk away from the pencil sharpener and the erasers work great! I buy them at Costco because I can get a 96 pack for like $10.


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