Hi everyone! I though it would be fun to put out a color word printable for you all today! I made color word coloring worksheets, pre-colored word flashcards, and fun colorful balloons with the color words on them as well.



–> Download the Color Word Cards printable here! <–


You can use the black and white coloring pages and have your students color each word using the correct color. I’ve also given you pre-colored cards that you can use as flashcards or wall décor!

This download also includes colorful balloon color cards that you can use as a bulletin display in your room, or as indicated below!


Here are some ideas of how to use these printables!

  1. Print and hang the cards on your wall to help students remember how to spell each color word.
  2. Play color hopscotch: Lay the cards on the floor and call out colors for your student to hop to.
  3. Lay color cards on the floor and have students say each word as they hop on the card.
  4. Use the blank color cards as flashcards to quiz your students on color words.
  5. Use the blank color cards as coloring worksheets, having students color the word the correct color.
  6. Print out balloons on cardstock and laminate them, then cut them out. Hang them on the wall with coordinating yarn as the strings for a fun color bulletin display!
  7. Cut the color word balloons or colored word cards into several pieces, and have students put them back together for a challenging puzzle!


–> Download the Color Word Cards printable here! <–


Have a fun idea of how your students have used this printable? Make sure to leave a comment below sharing your idea!

I hope you enjoy these, and happy homeschooling!


  1. Hello Erica is there a full Kindergarten curriculum PDF including all of your wonderful downloads. I printed the My Pre K Learning Notebook and its time for advancement. Thank you for your hardwork and the information you provide yours tool help tremendously with my childs learning.

    Brandy Sherow

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