Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing our top homeschool curriculum picks for English! These are all things that we have used in the past and enjoyed. Hopefully they will help you get started when researching the best curriculum for your family.

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Here are links to some of my favorite English/Grammar resources:


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  1. Thanks for another great overview! We have also used Abeka and BJU English. This year, we used Essentials in Writing by Matthew Stephens, which I thought was phenomenal! I saw big improvements in my children’s writing and tremendous growth and confidence in their writing this year. Taught by Matthew Stephens on a DVD, the students get small, manageable lesson and then works in their workbooks. The first half of the year is grammar, and the second half of the year is writing composition. The website is https://essentialsinwriting.com/.

    1. This is also our first year using EIW. I was having the hardest time finding a curriculum that would work well for my now 4th grade son, and EIW has been a godsend. We are very happy with it as well!

  2. We’re using Language Lessons For Today this year (2nd grade) and I’m on the fence about using it again. My daughter likes it, but I just think it’s too easy and simple and I’m still not convinced it covers everything. If we keep going with it, do you think adding Fix It as well would be too much? From what I’ve seen of it, it looks great! I’ve done Abeka and maybe that could work too as an add-in, but when I’ve looked at BJU I think adding it in would be too much. I’m torn between something my daughter likes and her getting enough instruction.

    1. I’ve used BJU and Abeka, which include both grammar and writing. So, you would use Fix It Grammar for the grammar portion and then use IEW Writing for the writing portion, with their company. Their website is a little confusing, so I called and emailed them, and their customer service is AMAZING! I was very impressed!

  3. Sorry I am at the beginning of researching for homeschooling. If I used Fix It Grammar ( Which I am so loving the concept and how it works ) do you purchase book 1? Or are certain books for certain grades? I will have a 4th and 5th grader at home. I am uncertain how it works. They currently use BJU at their private school they attend now.

    1. I liked starting with The Nose Tree (Book 1) Because it introduces your students to the IEW Fix It! Formatting. Although honestly all of the books teach the formatting lessons as you go, and so you can probably start wherever you feel is best for the ages of your students. If you look on the IEW site, there is a grid that shows where to start.

  4. What grade did you start Fix it Grammar with your kids? My oldest will be going into 2nd grade next year and I am trying to plan what we will use for language arts. She has been doing AAR and has loved it, but she is starting to get a little burned out on it now and I think she needs a change. She is an excellent reader.

  5. I am a new homeschool Mom and wondered what you would advise for a 9th grader that doesn’t do particularly well in English and some times struggles? I decided to get the lifepac from AOP but am not sure this is the best one for her. TIA

  6. I’m thinking about switching from Shurley English to IEW SWI-A and possibly FIx-It Grammar for my 5th grader. I’m worried, though, because he really despises writing — not just composition, but the physical act of writing. I’m concerned there will be too much handwriting with IEW and Fix-It. I almost want to just take a break from grammar and focus all our energy on IEW, but I don’t know if that’s wise. He’s been in Shurley English since 1st grade. How much harm would it do to skip a year? Part of me thinks not much. If we pick up Shurley again in 6th grade, I know the 6th grade text does a lengthy review. Hm… :/ Any thoughts?

    Jenny B.
    1. Hi,
      My kids really didn’t like Shurley English, and I’m being kind there LOL! They loved IEW and they’re doing great with the writing portion as well. The way IEW teaches writing makes it much easier for students to understand what they’re doing. They have a little checklist they have to include so it makes it really easy. And for the Level A beginning weeks the requirements aren’t too difficult so it kind of eases them into it. I highly recommend it, especially for students who don’t like to write. My son hated writing and is doing great with IEW now!

  7. I’m going to be homeschooling a tenth grader that’s been in traditional school since 3rd. I used IEW with my older children years ago. Is IEW writing and Fix it grammar together enough English? Do you teach spelling or use comprehension workbooks like Abeka uses where they read and answer comprehension questions? It’s been years since I homeschooled and I’m trying to research best options for core subjects.

    Rosemary Lokers
    1. Hi, we used IEW Writing plus Fix It! Grammar and that worked great for us. I am usually done with spelling by 8th grade but it also depends on what your student is ready for. You will want to do a separate literature program as well. I have reading suggestions by grade if you search my blog.


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